4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News

4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

30 June 2010


The 300 Hillbillies have been in especially abusive and disgusting form today, with John MacKenzie egging them all on. Note that ALL of these callers call at least once a week, every day if they could.

• Caller today, Hillbilly Phil, sez: "This stupid woman. . .will be buying a corporate plane before we know it!" He also referred to our mayor as "This stupid fruit loop".

This commentary, both sex and sexual orientation vilification, of course was let to proceed by Macca.

• Then at 10:50 AM, Hillbilly Bill sez about the Performing Arts Centre: We need to have a proper poll, and don't let the Mayor count it because "Val's unscrupulous when it comes to that kind of thing".

Yes, slander is also the norm for John MacKenzie.

• Hillbilly Bill then goes on:

"They're considering closing the Opera House because no one goes there" and then he tops this with the comment: "Woman for Prime Minister - I don't think anyone around here is going to be voting for her"

• If that wasn't enough slogging thru the gutter for John MacKenzie, he then allows Hillbilly Peter to say "even seagulls are flying upside down because they don't even want to shit on it".

Yup, gutter and foul language are the norm for this
"family" program.

Plenty of ammunition for a new complaint to the ACMA Broadcast Licence Authority

Jackass of the day? You Pick'em!


Carol Porter said...

I heard the first couple comments you've reported today. Then our boss came in and ordered the program turned off. He agreed with us that it's just filth coming out of John MacKenzie now.

Business Owner said...

I won't allow his program to be heard in my shop either. All he does is Attack, attack, attack the Mayor, Val Schier. He has some serious psychological issues I think to be so obsessed with just destroying the one individual.
I'm not exactly a big fan of the current Mayor, but she is the Mayor and must be afforded courtesy and respect even if you disagree with her views.