4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News

4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

17 June 2010


John Mackenzie is a "Cash for Comment" radio host in Cairns, Queensland on Radio Station 4CA.

He uses his program to bash those he doesn't like in State and Local Government, although on the occasion when he can snag an interview with the Premier or Federal Minister, he can't get down on his knees fast enough to show his appreciation.

He walks around the CBD sponging free meals off advertisers and potential advertisers, all of course tax free.

MacKenzie spent a week bashing Mayor Val Schier and her visionary plan to create a Performing Arts Precinct on the wharf, which included a "poll" of MacKenzie's listeners. On Friday, remarkably, a member of the arts community in Cairns - "Jim of Caravonica" called into the Mayor's hour and proceeded to support wholly the Mayor's vision, but also called MacKenzie's so-called poll worthless and said "a poll of your 300 Hillbilly Listeners means NOTHING!"

MacKenzie has used his bully pulpit long enough.

He's been charged by ACMA on more than one occasion for his racial vilification, foul and abusive language, and most recently his lies regarding the "Cash for Comment", where he attempted to shake down Mayor Schier's council management for weekly payments just to allow the Mayor to take phone calls! A "public service" previously provided by 4CA for free, of course keeping in mind that the airwaves are owned by the public.

When you hear any disgusting or abusive remarks by MacKenzie, please write in and we'll post them here!


Randy Ellis said...

Good work and great name for this blog!

If I hear any stories about Macca and his magic wig, I'll be in touch!

Smithfield Sam said...

Great idea for a blog! With so few people listening to this radio station, it's important the community know what this guy does.

His "trick" is to bait racist listeners to call in, and make their racist comments on the air. Radio has a "kill switch" so this kind of illegal racial vilification doesn't make it to air. But Mackenzie NEVER uses it, indeed it may not even work.