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28 July 2010


Bob Norman (not to be confused with his incredible father, SIR Bob Norman) has proven again to be lying about the Cultural Precinct project in order to further his political ambitions in Cairns. Introduced as a "successful businessman", Norman in fact failed at running an ice cream shop in the busiest shopping area in the CBD! So much for "successful"!

Today he again trotted out his "big lies" about the Council's proposal for this precinct. And despite being told repeatedly by the Port Authority and Council about the problems with these ideas, Wigboy Mackenzie continues to encourage these erroneous and fraudulent ideas.

1. "The Waterfront Needs to be Reserved for Traditional Waterfront Businesses". Despite the Port Authority confirming time and time again that the proposal before the Council will NOT interfere with Port issues now, or in the future, Norman claims now that the Port Authority management are liars.

Funny, but as President of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, we don't recall him trotting out this argument when his mates, in secret meetings, got control of the boat launching area of the pier and turned it into "Harbour Lights", the ugliest apartment building in Cairns. We don't remember Bob Norman coming to the defence of the Cairns Yacht Club next to the Cultural Precinct site, in fact he was one of the "black hands" involved in getting that land secured for more waterfront development.

Bob Norman has in fact has only supported blockade of the waterfront from the public as head of the Chamber.

2. "The Cultural Precinct should be located where the Port Authority building is now". The Port Authority says they're not interested in moving, need to be adjacent to their port business, and the cost of replacing their building would add $40M to the cost of the Cultural Precinct.

Bob Norman - Jackass AND hypocrite!


Icarus said...

What is it with Mackenzie's hatred of Val Schier? Sure, we know that rugnut is a close and personal friend of Kev Byrne, but do mates go to the extremes to show their personal support that rugnut has?? Would you behave the way he does to support your mate? There's something not quite right about rugnut's ongoing hate campaign. It's made me wonder about whether or not...I'm only speculating here....rugnut is fonder of Kev than what could be considered "matey"??? I note rugnut is a single male and that in itself may not mean anything, but his obsessional, relentless hated of Val Schier is just not normal.

Jeannie Little said...

I reckon Icarus, that Rugnut's ongoing love affair with Old Kev is just that - a loyal, matey relationship. (If it's more than that, I certainly DON'T want to see the videos on U-Tube! euccchhh!)

I also think that after the last Council elections, there was McKenzie's effort to discredit & destabilise Val, & this was also reinforced by the then editor of the Cairns Post, Mark Alexander - obviously another face at the table at Villa Romana.

I thik they were hoping to destabilise the Council to the point where the State Government had to step in, disband the Council, & then run another election - with Old Kev back again. This may sound like a weirdo conspiracy theory, but Kev never thought he'd lose - he was amazed at the time, I remember.

I would be surprised if we see Kev back on the polls at the next Council election, maybe jostling with Marg Cochrane for Top Pollie spot.
As for the Arts Precinct idea - I think it's fab. In the long-term it will be a great income & culture generator for Cairns.

As for the Port issue - as boats will apparently still be able to berth next to the PAC, it will look right snazzy for visitors to step off & there we go! Of course the architects of the PAC will have to liaise with Cairns Ports in the design.

There could be a possibility of using the PAC to attract small cruise traffic - ie. holding festivals in Cairns, people board in Syd/Melb wherever, & cruise to Cairns, enjoy concert/festival, do the Cairns & Tablelands thing, & cruise home. Not such a bad idea, eh?
If Townsville can host a yearly Chamber Music Festival - I think it's now in its 10th-13th (?) year, why can't Cairns attract similar.
And I guess, hillbillies just got to hang with hillbillies, & have their point of view - at least it gets it off their chest, & avoids them picking up their 22s, eh?

icarus said...

Jeannie Little.....both Gavin King and rugnut in tandem conspired to divide the community and sabotage the Mayor's plans for the Cairns Cultural Precinct. I particularly noticed that their comments were orchestrated and synchronised. They have succeeded in dividing the community to an unprecedented, ugly level. So, in comes Warren Entsch who is now capitalising on that division by announcing he will lobby for a "Sports Precinct". I note Tony Abbott has not announced he would approve funding for it however.
So...let's see. Warren gets elected, ditto Abbott. Warren then tells the Cairns community that we cannot have either a Cultural Precinct or a Sports Precinct because of "the debt caused by Labor's reckless spending." It is all so predictable!!