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22 July 2010


Today on the Wigboy MacKenzie show, Deputy Mayor Cochrane took calls from residents. While normally reasonable and thoughtful, today she unbelievably agreed with hillbilly Nelson from Holloway's Beach when he said "any survey about the Cultural Precinct is only valid if taken from ratepayers".

Cr. Cochrane stunningly agreed.

We thought that councillors were elected to represent ALL the citizens. Ratepayers aren't a "special class" of residents! In fact, we're all ratepayers either directly or indirectly thru our rent paid to these hillbillies like Nelson.

A survey of resident wishes should give no special treatment to people who say they're ratepayers. It's descriminatory and disgusting that Cr. Cochrane could agree with such a position.

Cr. Cochrane - our "Jackass of the Day", brought to you by 4CA.

"When hillbillies have something to say, they say it to
John MacKenzie"


Jeannie Little said...

Marg Cochrane appears thoughtful & balanced & all, but in fact she undermines Val S at every opportunity, & I don't think it is a state secret that she intends to run for Mayor at next Council elections.
I live at Yorkeys Knob, & here she is known as totally two-faced. She agrees to things to people's face, & then does nothing, or the opposite to what she's agreed with.
She does the 'nice & reasonable' thing well, but she's definitely got her own agenda. To Marg, the only project worth following up is one involving a photo opportunity. No photo op = no action.

Curly said...

Listen to Marg Cochrane's voice as she talks with rugnut on his program. She is DEFERENTIAL to the point of fawning obsequiousness. And rugnut of course continues with his marginalisation of the Mayor by exclaiming, "Thank GOD for Margaret Cochrane!"
Once rugnut started on his attack campaign on the Mayor, most of the former Byrne Councillors all left skid marks in their pants in rushing to get on his program to humour him. Not one of the unconscienable, piss-weak, unprincipled Councillors phoned to tell rugnut his diatribe against the Mayor was unprofessional and deliberately divisive.

business owner said...

Yeah I noticed thunder thighs Margie rushed to Warren Entsch's side after he announced his "Sports Precinct" idea for Cairns. Real nice piece of action that was. When you have Councillors like that, no wonder the city is in turmoil and tourism is stagnating.

merlin said...

We'll leave it to thunder thighs Marg to fully explain how having a Sports Precinct will take Cairns up a notch with tourism and new industries instead of seeing us compete with other cities for the exact same matches and events.
I'm disappointed she couldn't even put her name down for a new museum in Cairns. Small town mind, small town thinking, so what's new?