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08 July 2010


CR. Rob Pyne visited the MacKenzie Hillbilly hour today, and agreed that the Performing Arts Centre project should be subjected to a "referendum" of RATEPAYERS ONLY.

This disenfranchises the 38% of Cairns residents who RENT homes & units, despite the fact that renters also pay rates indirectly thru their landlords!

Pyne apparently doesn't give a shit about young families, the working poor, and the lower income members of our community since he's so willing to disregard their views on this community issue.

It's unclear how many, if any of his council colleagues would share this view. Most in council can clearly see that Pyne is only in "grandstanding" and stepping on his colleagues to get ahead (sorry, rolling over them).


KitchenSlut said...

Yes, the comments on the rights of renters are correct! It is they who ultimately pay the rates! Thankfully Cairns Council has not introduced differential rates for owner-occupied and rental properties like many other councils which are frankly a disgrace which should be legislated against by the state guvmint! However it could be an issue to watch out for given it has been dog-whistled here in a shameless way!?

Watcher said...

Pyney is a self-serving slime. When MacKenzie started his hate campaign immediately after Val Schier's election, Pyney set up a wind tunnel in rushing to the radio to ingratiate himself with rugnut. Ditto Marg Cochrane, Alan Blake etc. No previous Mayor has ever been treated so disgustingly by this creepy male supremacist.
If Pyney, Cochrane etc had any DECENT principles as community representatives, they would have tackled rugnut over his contempt for the Mayor. That they only sucked up to him shows what spineless individuals totally lacking in principles, that they are.

RobPyne said...

Thanks for your support.

RobPyne said...

Great positive stuff from you guys.

Watcher said...

Christ, no problems Pyney, you've shown your true colours mate. Not an ounce of grunt or testos there to stand up to Mackenzie as he continues to divide Cairns, and destroy the tourist industry into the bargain. Mackenzie is a divisive, corrosive influence on this city, and you could have at least have had some intestinal fortitude to tell him so.

shoppy said...

I heartily agree Watcher above. Mackenzie rants and raves, tapping into the darker side of human nature, exploiting ignorance, racism, misogynism, homophobia and fear. No wonder Cairns is toxic with hatred and division.
I would have thought as well that Pyne could have stood up to him and told Mackenzie that his constant negativity and division is making Cairns such a sick place.