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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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09 July 2010


During Mayor Schier's hour answering questions today, a caller angry about the Cultural Centre shouted at the Mayor "take the money from this thing and use it to send the itinerant scum back home".

"Itinerant scum" is John MacKenzie code for Aboriginal people from the Cape.

If we were really going to send the scum back home, it would decimate John MacKenzie's audience!


Curly Joe said...

MacKenzie has been ranting about itinerant aboriginals and violent blacks for well over two decades now that I can recall.

Anonymous said...

This is always a subject which devides people however I do not think neither McKenzie nor his listeners would refer to black people from the Cape as 'itinerant scum' and I personally find this highly offensive. I do admit that there seems to be a higher proportion of black people living rough around Cairns and, I suspect, it is these people to whom he refers. What can be done about this problem is however another story.

Negative comments and/or bags of money redirected from civic projects will do nothing! Nor will relocation. It seems to me that installing a sense of pride and self-esteem into people who have become dependant on welfare payments will go a long way towards achieving a better way of life for some of our most underpriveleged in our community.

Anonymous said...

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