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07 July 2010


Spurred by the report today that the Federal Government has agreed to return some local tax money to Cairns for construction of a Cultural Precinct, John "WigBoy" Mackenzie (shown here) used another Hillbilly Poll to whip up the naysayers this morning.

When word of the polling was known by this blog, calls to the arts community around the city were organised to get "voters" to call in to the Hillbilly show.

We've confirmed that at least 52 calls voting "YES" for the Cultural Precinct proposal were made to the show. This doesn't count the other "YES" votes made by the regular Hillbilly listener community.

Mackenzie however has reported that the YES votes
were 24 and the NO votes were 224 !

Mackenzie then opines "the community is overwhelmingly against the Val-Cano". Once again asserting that the 300 Hillbilly listeners of this programme represent the real Cairns community.

So once again the corruption of the WigBoy's show has been proven. He can't even run a poll of the community without "fixing" it to his own views!

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Get rid of Wigboy said...

This is the idiot who was telling us all over and over that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
As the 135000 land forces of the USA roared over the sand dunes into Iraq back in 2003, he was on his radio program telling us all about Saddam's biological weapons stock-pile. His audience of hillbillys sucked it right up, watching their TV sets, and apparently unable to reason why, if Saddam did have "biological weapons", that the USA would send in a land army of 135000 soldiers.