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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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14 July 2010


John MacKenzie's latest beat-up is the issue about the deepwater access to the Cairns wharf by large cruise ships, many of which use an anchorage at Yorkey's Knob. Today, he's goaded one caller into saying:

"Why doesn't the Mayor spend her time fixing the port instead of building the Val-Cano?"

The second caller has said "Where's the leadership from the Mayor on this issue" to MacKenzie's encouragement.

Since the issue of dredging and operation of the inlet is a state of Queensland issue, and/or a Federal Government issue, one has to ask why "Wigboy" MacKenzie didn't pose this question to Leichhardt MP Jim Turnour, nor any of our state members of Parliament?

Easier to continue to beat up the Mayor, I guess than spending time and energy getting REAL facts from the people actually responsible!

"When people have something shitty to say, they say it to John MacKenzie"


Curly Joe said...

As I understand it, we ceased full-scale dredging of Trinity Inlet etc because of the problems with disposal of siltation and with the declaration of the GBRMPA. Cairns locals will remember the ole mudflats on the Cairns Esplanade.
The old dredge was towed out to a reef sometime in 1981 and blown to bits by RAAF bombers.
I'm not an expert on cartage of siltation but I would surmise the cost to-day would be very exy. And where in hell would it be dumped? I don't think this matter is a very simple one to solve.

Rugnut MacKenzie is Bad for Cairns said...

I laughed myself silly finally seeing a photo of rugnut MacKenzie without his toupe.


business owner said...

Christ, I laughed too. What a pompous, self-important, jumped up old ignoramus he is.