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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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09 August 2010


A precious silence from the shrill negativity of John Mackenzie blanketed the Cairns region last week. It was a blissful silence - the birds were singing, the ocean was calm, and all was right with the world.

Then blowhard grabbed his dick and microphone this morning at five minutes after 9, and in ten minutes managed to call the Queensland Police Service "liars", and a new council security employee "deluded".

The hillbilly leader claims he gets and reads the Police regional crime report every week. He claims it's a lie - as an example he says he gets continual reports of bag snatchings that are not in the police statistics. Why are people reporting bag snatches to Macca instead of the police? He then claims that the published crime reports are just lies.

Note he's previously reported that "dozens of pushbikes get stolen from outside Cairns Central" every month. When Police replied to him directly that it was more like 1-2 month, it didn't stop Mackenzie from continuing to repeat this lie, I guess believing his OWN DELUSIONS.

Then he reads in today's Cairns Post about Cairns' first CitySafe officer, Rene ter Bogt, who has years of experience at city crime issues. Mr. ter Bogt's view on Cairns crime? "Cairns is a very safe place", he says with his years and years of experience at communities right around Australia. "Bullshit" bellows Mackenzie - he claims the new officer must be delusional and that he's apparently just sitting in his office instead of getting out to see "the massive numbers of itinerant drunks" around the CBD.

As we all know, "itinerant drunk" is Mackenzie hillbilly-speak for Aboriginals.

It's likely Mr. ter Bogt will be invited to defend himself on the Hillbilly Hour soon. Just so he knows as soon as he leaves the building, the beatup will begin again. Macca's too much of a pussy to take on someone face-to-face.

No one ever said John Mackenzie lets facts get in the way of a good community beat-up.

If it's so bad, you've got to wonder why he's still living here!


curly joe said...

The police have been working bloody hard at cleaning up crime in this city. After having experienced a break-in, I have nothing but confidence and admiration for the prompt and efficient response I received which also included some valuable advice.

Business Owner said...

rugnut must be feeling real pleased with himself. He has divided the Cairns community and turned it in on itself over the Cairns Cultural Precinct, thus reducing the entire concept of a new model and new directions for tourism in Cairns, into one image only, "the val-cano." Now that he has done that, in comes his mate Warren to finally smash the whole idea once and for all. Ohh. I've no doubt that if Warren is elected (God, forbid) some contracts to do a bit of work on sports fields etc will be doled out to his mates...amidst a blaze of overblown publicity...but, Cairns would have lost the opportunity to develop its tourist industry into different streams.

snookums said...

Now the election is on, rugnut can do what he does best...whip the simple minded hillbilly listeners up into a frenzied paranoia of fear and hate. He will be ranting about how the country is going broke and people will starve, a long lingering painful death of starvation, or everyone is gonna have their throats cut in the middle of the night by an invasion of Muslim terrorist boat people......