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31 August 2010


In an attack orchestrated by Cairns Post "editor at large" (brings feral pigs to mind) Gavin King and his buddy John Mackenzie, a parade of disgruntled and disaffected proceeded to voice their hillbilly opinions on the Council, Mayor Schier, and the work being done to establish a proper and modern performance arts space in Cairns.

First off the blocks was the admittedly suicidal councillor Alan Blake reading his letter to no one. In his attempt to position himself as a candidate for Mayor, he attacked the proposal as too expensive at $240M, but in a flurry of doublespeak agreeed that $180M without a museum was fine. He also objected to the location on the waterfront and agreed that putting it on land now occupied by the Port Authority. Perhaps we'll learn more about Blake's mental health as his lawsuit against blogger Michael Moore is heard at court.

The next caller, Cairns' Hillbilly Hoon Peter Roggenkamp was then teed up to voice his PREVIOUSLY EXPRESSED ignorant views.

Oddly, the view that the cultural precinct should NOT be on the waterfront ignores what the Port Authority plans say. This area will NEVER be used for some vague "port operations". If the theater isn't built there, it will return to its gazetted role of hotel site, and another huge area of the waterfront will be blocked by another highrise building like the Hilton and Harbour Lights. Who wants another highrise hotel blocking the view of the inlet?

Then a new addition to the Hillbilly hour, former councillor, car wash owner, and born-again bigot Paul Freebody. Freebody was beaten by 22 year old political novice for his position as councillor at the last election, whom he later referred to as the "five witches and bitches". Perhaps the fact he can't write a campaign brochure without misspelling a dozen common words had something to do with this decisive rejection by his division. Freebody can be counted on to get on his knees and give 4CA a good aural blowjob when called on by ringmaster Mackenzie. Oddly, nothing was said about the rumoured ongoing ASIC investigation into Freebody's moneyraising activities for his waterpark - said to be a violation of the "12/20 Rule".

To round out the independent (ha ha) views, then next was Tracie McPherson Sanim, no doubt arranged by Blakey as HAS BEEN DONE IN THE PAST. Tracie is a sacked council employee, who said this morning that this current council was "dysfunctional". However in her PREVIOUS CORRESPONDENCE to the CEO, she clearly indicates she didn't get along with the previous CEO nor Mayor. Perhaps Tracie is just unable to work as a team, or perhaps its just PMT.

Finally, Barry Neale, the leader of the "Residents against Aboriginals" group was called on to give his 1c of opinion. He again launched into a criticism that council "consulted" with 1000 arts-centric citizens, like somehow those in the arts can't have a say. On expansion of Barlow Park, council consulted with sporting groups. On expansion of Cazaly's, council consults with sporting groups and/or drunks. First development of any plan requires consultation with the users - but that's somehow not appropriate according to Neale. Barry should stick with running his group and running the aboriginals back to their settlements in the Cape.


merlin said...

I think the Cultural Precinct idea is dead now. Killed by Mackenzie and King. In a few years time Cairns will be fighting tooth and nail with Townsville for footie teams and crowds, fighting with Melbourne and Sydney for tennis tournaments, and fighting with Townsville for conventions, and unemployment will be over 10% again. Probably higher.
It's a fait accomplait mate. Over.
The rednecks and donkeys have won on this one.

pete said...

and the 20000 seat football stadium will host music fests for teens and stuff all for people who want a proper theatre. So a glut of open air music venues and some will obviously suffer. Not all performers will want to perform at it, so we wont get all the performers we want, once again.
Christ what a small town idea, once again.

David Anthony of Bungalow said...

We're very lucky to have someone of Mayor Val Schier's vision and ability to identify with our community. Val has been the driving force behind the Cairns Cultural Precinct and she can claim a lion's share of the credit in winning the support of the State and Federal Governments.
I am confident the Cairns Cultural Precinct will go ahead because the good angels are on the side of our community.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

Anonymous said...

ASIC investigation will also be called to investigate the alleged dealings with them running the carwash and giving the owners no choice but to bow down to freebodys money grabbing.. is it not a conflict of interest for miss freebody to be a book keeper of a company which here company has a interest in.. sounds like preference payments to me!!