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19 September 2010


This comment was received from "Business Operator".

It deserves to be up-front.

"Ken Chapman or someone from Ports North has published letters in that vein before refuting that the land the Cultural Precinct is to be built on is required by Ports. But still the Mackenzie and King duo keep on bleating about the expansion of the ports etc etc. There is no longer the slightest doubt in my mind, no hesitation, no confusion whatsoever...SOMEONE wants this land the Cultural Precinct is to be built on. SOMEONE has plans for it, and yep it involves a lotta money.

Mackenzie and King have fought against it too shrilly and too long, bringing up the same old arguments over and over, and then starting all over again. Someone has plans for that land....I wonder if they haven't already started the arrangements, surreptitiously, which is why the campaign has been in over-drive?

Does someone now stand to LOSE A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY because they pre-empted Council's decision and because Val Schier did not scare easily? The attacks on Val have been completely unprecedented. ..and started immediately following her election. There is someone or some people behind this. If they have already committed a lot of money on a covert deal, then we can expect more hysteria and more drama before the Cultural Precinct building commences.

My instincts tell me that there may be another "Cash for Comment" scandal deliberately devised to again try and implicate the Mayor and some Councillors."



Nick said...

So maybe it is time to start a focused campaign and ask King and McKenzie the hard questions. Why don't people like you ring up McKenzie and put forward your views ? Why are we allowing the usual mouthpieces spout their nonsense unopposed, day after day ?

David Anthony of Bungalow said...

Mckenzie and King certainly have a lot to say despite the fact they are out of touch with the community. It's about time they got over their petty, irrational and immature hatred for Val and actually looked at supporting this community. The proximity of the Cairns Port and the CBD to the Cairns Cultural Precinct is one of the reasons this project is such a winner. The mutual economic and social benefits to all concerned make this one of the most important projects in our recent history.

Athena said...

I agree with "Business Operator"...this whole hysterical oposition to the Cultural Precinct is centered entirely around the land it is to be built on. Someone either wants it, OR there has already been some covert deal done on it. A good starting point for people to investigate would be to go to Dept of Natural Resources and get some BLIN maps on land immediately opposite and around the Cairns Inlet, check out who the owners are and start doing some company searches. I suspect that some researching and digging will reveal all.

Anonymous said...

I think the only people who listen to him are those who support him - he is deeply divisive as is Gavin and the pair of them have a tendency to polarise the community.