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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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07 September 2010


Mackenzie has continued his diatribe from last week. In today's episode, we were treated to the hostile comments of Brad from Freshwater.

"Why doesn't Desley Boyle tap (Mayor Schier) on the shoulder and tell her to give up, nobody wants a cultural centre in Cairns".

Then Brad, after the big lead-in, unleashed his fury:

"If she wants to be arty-farty, Val should take her big salary, go overseas or wherever and buy herself a Van Gock (sic), and hang it in her home in Machans or wherever".

"Nobody here wants it!"

Oddly, Mackenzie then attempted to link the alleged attack on a foreign tourist this morning with these comments. Old rugnut is really off his rocker after too much of his "cultural event of the year", the outdoor dinner at a swimming pool. Real class, eh Macca?

Fortunately, I've already got a "Van Goff" in my home, shown above.

Fucking hillbillies. Van Goff. Get a life, Brad.


jerry said...

ROFL ROFL, still laughing here.

still laughing said...

I gather "Brad" won't be attending the museum in the Cairns Cultural Centre. He probably believes he will be burned to a black crisp by molten lava if he does.

curly joe said...

Christ, this made me laugh. Classic.

David Anthony of Bungalow said...

It's very interesting to read ignorant comments like "no-one wants the cultural precinct". Those people don't speak for me. I want the Cairns Cultural Precinct and everybody I know wants the Cairns Cultural Precinct. Someone should tap John McKenzie on the shoulder and say, "Mate, you are out of step, we want the Cultural Precinct".
Something else people should tell John McKenzie is that he, as a radio performer, is part of the Arts community. He should be showing leadership on this very issue. Mckenzie and his radio station and other media should be looking at how they can benefit from this asset to our community. We would love to have you on board, Macca, and share the dream with the rest of the community. Just imagine Hannah Walker playing her ukulele on an international-standard stage with an adoring audience lapping it up. Imagine international and national performances that will come to town giving our radio stations opportunities for promotions and advertising.
Don't hold the Cairns community back, John McKenzie, help us forge ahead into a great future.