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17 September 2010


Cr. Paul Gregory was guest this morning in the place normally reserved for the Mayor. And again, the same seemingly paid shills are organised to call in and attack the Mayor, Council, and CEO on Rugnut Mackenzie's personal vendettas.

MEET THE TOOLS! Raj, Shorty, and the community's grumpy old man Martin Tenni all were lined up the again deliver the opposition talking points on the Cultural Precinct. We don't need it, we don't want it, we don't have the money, it's in the wrong place, it's too big. And again like Cr. Pyne last week, all were told by Gregory that it's GOING to be built, because a Cultural Centre and proper theatre are important to those that use such facilities. Also known as those who actually have an education.

Funny but Raj and his hillbilly buddies all like the option of spending EXTRA money on Hillbillyworld, even though this essentially free waterpark built without private investment costs council millions to run. Why don't they ask the same questions about the waterpark?

The funny thing is that this push to spend big on Sugarworld makes Paul Freebody's $50 a pop monstrosity even more of a white elephant, and completely guts his business plan. Goodonya, Paul!

The 300 hillbillies organised by MacKenzie and represented by these brain-dead callers still refuse to see that they're being manipulated. The development community has their had firmly up the rectum of John MacKenzie, because this port land that they claim is "needed as a port" was long ago quite rightly determined to NOT been needed, and instead zoned for tourist facilities. The corrupt business interests in Cairns want this precinct for another highrise hotel or Harbour Lights-like monstrosity, cutting the community off from the waterfront (which of course they believe is for "the privileged class") with massive profits to be made.

The Mayor and the majority of the community who voted her "sensible development" ideas have, by reclaiming the waterfront for the people, stirred up all the corrupt monied interests in Cairns who see their vision of "Cairns waterfront for the wealthy" sinking. MacKenzie has in the past shown his stripes representing these corrupt interests - in one case being sanctioned for his law violations in conjunction with Glencorp Homes.

The constituency for this precinct is working quietly, but firmly to build a world-class structure adjacent to the Convention Centre on Ports North land despite the 300 hillbillies being opposed. To all today's callers - how do you like being tools of the developers?


curly joe said...

I see where Ken Chapman, Chairman of Ports North, had a letter in The Cairns Post published today (18/9/2010) stating very clearly that the land that the Cultural Precinct is planned to be built on is not required for future development of shipping etc.
Hopefully that should make Mackenzie, King etc shut up.

business operator said...

Ken Chapman or someone from Ports North has published letters in that vein before refuting that the land the Cultural Precinct is to be built on is required by Ports. But still the Mackenzie and King duo keep on bleating about the expansion of the ports etc etc. There is no longer the slightest doubt in my mind, no hesitation, no confusion whatsoever...SOMEONE wants this land the Cultural Precinct is to be built on. SOMEONE has plans for it, and yep it involves a lotta money. Mackenzie and King have fought against it too shrilly and too long, bringing up the same old arguments over and over, and then starting all over again. Someone has plans for that land....I wonder if they haven't already started the arrangements, surreptitiously, which is why the campaign has been in over-drive? Does someone now stand to LOSE A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY because they pre-empted Council's decision and because Val Schier did not scare easily? The attacks on Val have been completely unprecedented...and started immediately following her election.
There is someone or some people behind this. If they have already committed a lot of money on a covert deal, then we can expect more hysteria and more drama before the Cultural Precinct building commences. My instincts tell me that there may be another "Cash for Comment" scandal deliberately devised to again try and implicate the Mayor and some Councillors.

The Headless Horsman said...

It beggars belief that anyone should oppose a project as visonary as the Cairns Cultural Precinct, but when you see the names of its opponents, I suppose it's not a surprise.
John Mackenzie, Gavin King, Warren Entsch, Kevin Byrne, Dennis and Robyn Quick, Alan Blake and Margaret Cochrane have never been especially community-minded and do not have the commonsense to see that the Cultural Precinct means jobs, business and entertainment in both the short term and the long term.
Cairns is a culturally progressive community and it has battled on with local theatre, concerts, festivals, choristers, dance etc. The arts potentially involves everybody and we will all benefit. For example, even the most ignorant critics of the highly successful Cairns Ukulele festival cannot begrudge the hundreds of thousands of dollars it brought to the town and the free publicity that went right around the world. Just the tip of the iceberg.
I am pleased that Cairns Regional Council, State and Federal Governments, "The Cairns Post", economic development agencies and the local business community are right behind this region-building project. They can see the obvious and are showing leadership with their strong support for the Cairns Cultural Precinct.