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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

30 September 2010


After reading a letter from the Cairns Post written by developer vandal Peter Robinson (who's responsible as planner-for-hire for many of a hillside scars around Cairns including the infamous Phil Hartwig Disaster (above Palm Cove), Rugnut MacKenzie continues to spread the lies that the Ports North is happy to close the port altogether and move the ships to Townsville. This despite continual statements by Ports North and the Queensland Government that the inlet has plenty of available land to accommodate any conceivable use of Cairns as a commercial port.

It's the greedy developers who've made all the deals to shut off waterfront access to the community in favour of disgusting projects like the Harbourlights. They continue to stir up this "controversy" about the so-called "Val-cano" to get the project killed so that waterfront land can continue to be exploited by the developers for the rich. Unlike an entertainment precinct which preserves port land for public use.

Mackenzie then uses the letter to launch into one of his infamous polls, this time calling them "Schier" and "Blake". The "Schier" is the proposal to build a precinct on the waterfront, adjacent to the Convention Centre, on land allocated by Ports North and unneeded for port facilities as they continue to confirm. The "Blake" is a theater-only jammed into the site currently occupied by Ports North and featuring a building that looks as boring and uninspired as the convention centre.

A poll based on lies is worthless, Mr. Rugnut.

Once again, the anti-everything hillbilly contingent is given false choices, as John MacKenzie continues to fight for the "faceless developers" who've greedily eyed the waterside site for private uses in order to fill their pockets. We all know how legitimate "Rugnut MacKenzie Polls" are, don't we?

Who's funding this campaign of lies on 4CA? Which developers are greasing the already-greasy John MacKenzie show? Why is there no disclosure of who the community rapists are who fund this community comedy show???

MacKenzie then went on to criticise "the wowsers" who oppose letting topless women run at a turf club at the Gold Coast. He's compares this with the "good old days" when you could get a proper drink at the Cairns Amateurs, blokes ran naked for charity, and you could take a piss wherever and whenever it suited you. Yup. "Wowsers". MacKenzie is one sick motherfucker.

Oh, and his poll? 271 callers. Just as we thought. There
aren't even 300 hillbillies listening!


h.bosch said...

this is without question the funniest blog in cairns!

Billy Bloggs said...

Just who are the people behind opposing the Cultural Precinct on the waterfront? This is the burning question, getting more and more people guessing.
I'm very suspicious about the former Byrne Councillors..Cochrane, Bake, Gregory etc and their obvious opposition towards the project. Even Linda Cooper now says that while she is all for a Cultural Precinct, she "isn't too sure about the location." Why??? Do they know something about the land that we don't know?
Has there ALREADY been some deal made by the Byrne Council that we don't know about, something covert, maybe illegal???
That Mackenzie is being used by Byrne as an attack dog to derail the project is obvious. Why?? Why?? Why the extraordinarily ferocious and continuous attacks on the Mayor over the Precinct? They are unprecedented. Why?? Why??
There is no doubt in my mind. The previous Byrne administration have already committed the land surreptitiously to someone else...and there are now legal problems emerging.