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24 September 2010


On the Rugnut show today, Mayor Schier has shown the gloves are off and the wackjobs are being called out.

One of the Mackenzie regular hillbilly callers pushed Mayor Schier about the continued demand that a "ratepayers-only" referendum be called. Never mind that even renters are "ratepayers", and that excluding a class of voters is clear discrimination and violation of the constitution.

The Mayor finally made it clear - NO REFERENDUM will be considered by council on the new theater and cultural precinct. No referendum has ever been held on big projects in Cairns, and as many believe it is a deriliction of duty to call a referendum on such a matter.

Council is paid to lead the community forward. Sadly the hillbillies want to stay in the past. And their manipulation by Mackenzie on behalf of the developers who are lusting after the waterfront land for their own fat pockets is now crystal clear.

Go Val!


Bob B. said...

Thank Christ for that. Mackenzie is whipping up the ignoramuses into a frenzy. We didn't have a referendum on the airport being upgraded, or the base hospital being upgraded, nor did we have community consultations for them.

David Anthony of Bungalow said...

You know, a referendum is not a bad idea. In fact, we should expand the concept. Why don't we have a public referendum on every development item that comes to council. That way, we can stop poor ill-advised decisions such as Trilogy and Harbour Lights and the destruction of the Yacht Club. Yep, our hillbilly friend may have hit on something. I want a referendum on any development put forward in the CBD and along the Esplanade. If the hillbillies want people power...then let's give it to them.

Redneck City Dweller said...

Umm, David Anthony, referendums in Cairns will mean that nothing is ever likely to be ever built here in Cairns again. Well apart from football stadiums and pit bull arenas..............