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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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16 October 2010


Dr. Ken Chapman, chairman of Ports North and responsible for the Cairns port precinct, has again clearly stated that NO PORT USE has ever been contemplated for the Cultural Precinct site nor CAN IT be used for this purpose.

In a lengthy "MyView" piece in the 13 October 2010 Cairns Post (which the Cairns Post does not make available online), Chapman points out that the site in question has been listed as a "tourist precinct" and "transitional area" in the CityPort Master Plan SINCE 1994! Chapman details the analysis and public consultation done for the CityPort Master Plan over the years.

Chapman calls it "curious that some in the community continue to ignore or refuse to believe these facts".

We don't think it's "curious" at all. It's a bully-boy beat-up. It's strongarm developer politics at their worst. Led by the black hand developers, Goebbels Mackenzie (pictured) has his coterie of 300 hillbilly callers trained to say black is white, up is down, and day is night in the hope that the "big lie" propaganda tactics will derail the overwhelming support the Cultural Precinct has with ratepayers across Cairns.

The Mackenzie trained monkey circus mercifully has been given a two week reprieve, but sadly returns to the public airwaves on 25 October.


Business Operator said...

Mackenzie, Byrne and company KNOW the land has long been designated for tourist purposes and is not required by Cairns Ports. Ditto Councillors Blake, Cochrane, Cooper, Gregory, Bonneau etc. What did they all do in regards to that land in the Byrne led Council??? What plans did they make covertly??? The stink of scandal grows more odourous all the time....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info