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06 October 2010


Bob Manning was called up by Rugnut MacKenzie earlier this week, in an attempt to expand the small group of anti-waterfront cadre from the small handful of 4CA listeners. Manning was formerly CEO of the Cairns Port Authority, but now he works as "Business Manager" of Norship Marine, who have a huge port site further up the inlet. As "business manager", his job is apparently lining up fat government contracts since Norship, like all Australian boat builders, can't survive in this competitive business without our (taxpayer) money.

Manning dutifully trotted out the MacKenzie/Blake/Norman line that use of the waterfront area adjacent to the cruise ship terminal is "unvisionary", and that somehow some kind of massive business is going to turn up needing huge areas of land. Perhaps the "big end of town" is working on a deal to allow the Chinese to set up a military base here - or suddenly hundreds of cruise ships are going to turn up wanting to park in Cairns (despite the fact that cruise ships are getting so big that ONE can't even park inside the inlet). Of course Bob Manning's talking this new story now, HIS JOB DEPENDS ON IT. Funny that!

The really disgusting thing about this change in opinion is that as CEO of the Cairns Port Authority, Manning was instrumental in development of the current port zoning plan which clearly shows the Cultural Precinct Site as "tourism related development", and he's also personally promoted using this area for a convention centre-related hotel development.

So as CPA CEO he "signed off" on use of this area for public services, and now as the guy charged with trolling for government money for his little shipyard, he's taking the opposing view. Keep in mind he's also the same guy responsible for the un-bid, secret sale of the Harbour Lights site to the developers that included the Chapman (Skyrail) family. Son Ken Chapman is now chairman of Ports North.

Manning is quoted in the Cairns Post this week: ""When times are tough, people will take any rope they can get,"

Nice job, Manning. You're the Jackass of the Week.
Go get the rope.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that our Mayor Val Schier has been told by Rug Nut that he doesn't want her on his show this Friday because she was interviewed by Locko(and we know there's no love lost between those two)rug nut thinks she was over exposed? Guess who he said he wants? Yes you guessed it Margaret (wannabe Mayor) Cochrain. Who would've thought....
TSY - Manunda

George, Nth Cairns said...

I asked my local councillor "the outspoken" Di Forsyth why she wasn't on the McKenzie show any more. She told me that he refuses to have her on, she can't even get on air when she rings in to have a say. What is McKenzie afraid of, that they (Di & Val) might actually tell the real story instead of fear-mongering. Come on Macca give Di a fair go!

Curly Joe said...

So Margie gets on 4ca with her deferential, toadying voice...listen to it carefully, you will pick up that fawning timbre in her voice...UGH!!