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17 November 2010


Cairns Council held yesterday the first in a series of meetings to discuss the Cultural Precinct. Despite continual promotion by Rugnut and 4CA, the retired, unemployed, welfare bludgingf, and illiterate could only muster about 50 residents to attend and attempt to disrupt the proceedings.

Council this morning has received a number of calls from the REAL residents of Cairns. The workers. The employed. The young. The educated. All of whom don't have the luxury of showing up at 2 PM meetings on a workday. Clearly yesterday's attendance in no way is representative of the community!

The big surprise today however was hearing bitter ex-Mayor Byrne outlining on the Rugnut show what HIS plans were to be for the Cultural Precinct. Byrne's plans included putting the council in debt to the tune of $90-$100M instead of the $33M proposed by Mayor Schier. Byrne claimed he had no problem with the now proposed site on the waterfront, which wasn't available to him from the port authority when he was looking for a site. This fact alone refuting today's bald-headed lie told by Unsir Bob Norman, who claimed this site was always zoned as "Strategic Port Land". Did your daddy teach you to lie like this, Bob?

Byrne also supported Schier and confirmed that rehab of the existing Civic Theatre wasn't viable and would not get community support.

And stunningly he also said he had FINISHED his consultation by the time of the election in 2008, and would have been FINISHED with the project by now ramming $100M in debt up the ratepayers arses without any need for more discussion. No more discussion. Case closed.

In other words, he did just what Mayor Schier is doing now
- being a community leader.

An obviously stunned and speechless Rugnut MacKenzie then diverted the conversation into a future run for Mayor by Byrne. Clearly Byrne wasn't going to give up this little nugget of news on the Hillbilly hour.

So the only real legitimate argument the community has about this project is how much of it we should do as a first stage. If $140M gets us a theater complex useful for the 200,000 population future of Cairns, as the Mayor has said the balance can be staged later.

Ex-Mayor Byrne has, by speaking out, tipped the balance in favour of the Cultural Precinct supporters and Mayor Schier. Goodon'ya Kevvy!

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curlyjoe said...

Thank Christ he weighed into the issue. However, look what rugnut and King are doing now! Causing a diversion, stirring up the community over the languishing CBD. If the community could only do some research on the internet, or go and visit some other world cities, they could see for themselves that city MALLS are now viewed as a FAILURE. Instead King is stirring up the people to get a "better" one!!!!!!!!!!