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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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12 November 2010


Today being Friday, Rugnut finally relented and allowed Mayor Schier to speak for the usual hour on 4CA. After a week of continued bald-headed lying by John MacKenzie and his 300 Hillbilly listeners, with exceedingly high levels of vitriol and personal attacks at the Mayor and Council, you would think they'd be lined up on the phone today to vent their hostility with the key person responsible.

You'd be wrong.

Callers were meek as lambs, posing the usual questions about roads and rubbish with only one caller, "Ken the Illiterate Cabbie" trying to get some traction by continuing to claim the port location of the Cultural Precinct will effect trade in the future.

Mayor Schier shot them down like the vermin they are.

Cairns Ports again has explained in great detail why the location they've offered won't interfere with the port operation and in fact has been planned for public use since 1994. They've again pointed out that the likes of Bob Manning and Alan Blake are liars when they claim facts not in evidence. Despite the Cairns Post refusing to put this Chris Boland editorial on their website, it's fortunately available on the Cairns Blog Here.

Sadly, the MacKenzie Hillbillies are starting to realise that they've been set up. Used. Manipulated. Slapped silly. With the hands of the likes of Alan Blake, UnSir Bob Norman, and the "faceless men" so far up their arse they can't even think straight. As this realisation slowly seeps into their minimal intellect, they've given up confronting the Mayor directly with facts they now know are LIES designed only to expand the power of developers in the community.

One caller who refused to confront the Mayor and called in after 11 AM tried to make the case that our young people, our schools, our performers and musicians can make-do with a theater that was obsolete 20 years ago. We'd like to see these cretins make the same argument against spending any money on sporting facilities for those in our community who won't be getting any higher education and rely on these places to first: train for non-existent positions in the various football configurations, and second: drink themselves silly when their miserable careers and lack of education leave them stuck at the bottom rung of Australia's middle class wankers.

Sorry, that's BATTLERS. Or as the rest of the community is starting to see them - LIARS, LOSERS AND PUSSIES.


Business Operator said...

Back in 1990 or thereabouts, some local hungry$$$ boyos sold an over-priced Lake Street building to the Nuigini Government, making themselves a tidy fortune in the process. They then skipped town and gave "the bird" to the poor unfortunates of Papua Nuigini. It caused a minor scandal at the time, but like all other scandals in this city, became quickly forgotten. Rumour around town was that the boyos got a Nuigini Minister drunk somewhere and made him sign a contract.... There have been similar rorts in Cairns since then, invoking of course, the principle of "caveat emptor" and the money hungry scavengers who blow into the city, live the high life and who cultivate those local simpletons who are useful to them.
Chris Skase had some "close friends" in Cairns...funny how they don't want to tell you about him now, though. Funny that. Yet once they claimed he was their bosom buddy....
So now we have this peculiar, but fascinating debacle of the Cairns Cultural Centre.
All my instincts tell me that something suspicious is at the back of this. Sheer logic and reasoning would suggest to anyone that Val Schier would have difficulty in being re-elected a second term. So, WHY, WHY the continuous ongoing campaign of hate against her?? The word that comes to mind about the crusade against the Cultural Centre is "frantic". . Why??? Why????
Why the hysterical opposition to the waterfront site?..so one scenario is that a group of hungry boyos have got together to make a tidy sum for themselves...perhaps thinking of getting another Nuigini Minister pissed? Who knows?
OR...as has been pointed out already...has some covert deal ALREADY BEEN made? A deal which, if exposed, might mean JAIL TIME for some crooked individuals???
Would this explain the "frantic" opposition?

CurlyJoe said...

Business Operator, you are spot on in wondering just what is behind the bizarre behaviour of Mackenzie and King. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a hate campaign of this length and intensity directed against any previous male mayor. Nor has one ever been so irrational...who could forget the childish ranting by both these so called mature individuals against the harmless, inoffensive musical instrument, the ukulele??
There isn't any doubt these two bullying thugs have used their media positions to try and bring about a sudden resignation by Val Schier so that presumeably, the man they have both been seen with by several witnesses, Kev Byrne, can return to office. Both King and Mackenzie are in cohorts with Byrne to regain the Mayoral seat by thuggish means. I hope they read this, because it isn't going to happen. Something stinks to high heaven, something reeks of the foulness of dishonesty and greed behind the anti Cultural Centre campaign. And more people are starting to see it.

Anonymous said...

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