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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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11 November 2010



Using words like "jackboot" to refer to Mayor and Council in an effort to inflame the audience, John "Rugnut" MacKenzie devoted today's show to again spreading misinformation and outright lies about the council-agreed proposals for a replacement civic theater complex.

He continued to insist on calling it the "Val-cano", although as he has been told repeatedly by councillors including Rob Pyne this week, this was never a design that was in contention.

He continued to insist it is located on "valuable wharf land" when the Ports North board has said repeatedly that this area has NEVER figured in port expansion plans and has ALWAYS been designated for public use.

He continued to insist that this project has had "no consultation" (an outright lie repeated by UnSir Bob Norman) and is a project of the Labor government - this despite it being worked on, and having a couple million dollars spent on it by the darling of the developer set, former mayor Kevin "Tear it Down" Byrne.

MacKenzie just yesterday went on a rant about the "lack of leadership" in Cairns. This project, desperately needed by this growing community, shows substantial leadership by both local and state representatives. The fact that leadership sometimes requires making decisions that are out of favour with part (or even most) of the community for a time is normal. IT'S CALLED LEADERSHIP, DICKHEAD!

In fact, Rugnut continues to cite "leadership" in projects like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Let's keep in mind, the architect of the Opera House was run out of Australia by Hillbillies with no vision, and the Harbour Bridge was built by a Brit. An Australian-designed Harbour Bridge would have been two lanes and built with papier maché. Australian leaders are few and far between. Leadership is hard, but sitting on the sidelines building a pathetic radio career on the back of relentless negativism is easy.

Former mayor Tom Pyne endured this same wrath from the Cairns Hillbilly set for spending $90M on the Council Chambers on Spence Street. MacKenzie was organising the same group of blockheads to rail against Tom's project as "unneeded", "too expensive", "an edifice dedicated to him", and other derogatory complaints. At the time city government was spread all over the CBD in rented accommodation - it was these landlords who were running the anti-Tom campaign, afraid of losing all this lucrative council rent.

Now these same developer forces are getting the 300 Hillbillies to dance a new tune, against the Cultural Precinct. Most of whom couldn't spell "Cultural Precinct" with a dictionary and a crayon.

The Mayor is leading the charge for Cairns into the future. We and the vast "silent majority" of the community salute her!

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