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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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02 November 2010


The honest observations of the anti-Mackenzie crowd at this and other Cairns blogs is starting to erode the already meagre audience of this 4CA talkathon. Knowing he can't do anything, he's instead started to organise some of the mates to complain. One such whinger is Peter Roggenkamp, who can dish it out to our community leaders but thinks his ignorant opinions can't be questioned by others.

In his whinge yesterday he read the previous blog to Rugnut about his attempts to secure a council or state government handout for his petrolhead hoon track. While complaining the sequence of events is wrong, apparently the facts are correct. He then claims he's going to lodge "defamation actions" against the bloggers responsible.

He might like to actually read the Australian laws in this area. Once he started appearing on the radio and other media pleading his case for public money, he's become fair game for criticism and analysis. In particular the law says to "Remember that just because a communication is insulting, annoying, false or damaging to someone’s business doesn’t meant that it is necessarily defamatory."

This is the kneejerk reaction by public figures like Roggenkamp when, for the first time, their idiotic views are challenged by other members of the public. That's what blogging is - it evens the playing field so that jerks with mates in the media get their idiotic ideas shot down by the public paying for this nonsense.

Hey Pete - opinions are like arseholes. Everybody has one. Thanks for voicing yours, readership has trebled overnight!.


Curly Joe said...

And this is the korsakoff stricken brain damaged moron who claims the Cairns Cultural Centre is a "volcano"!! Seriously, Mackenzie has been a piss artist for so long that serious consideration to his mental processes must be in order. Something is going on in his head. Is it korsakoff's syndrome?

Alison Alloway said...

ROFL Curly Joe above. I don't know about his having korsakoff's syndrome...although he is of the right age for it to present symptoms!! However, I am absolutely in agreement that "something is going on in his head." I'm currently in Houston, Texas, attending the International Quilt Festival which is being held in an INTERNATIONAL standard convention facility, not like the piddly, teeny-weensy one we have in Cairns. What a wonderful experience it is to see the peoples of the world come together and share ideas...and to think the likes of John Mackenzie and even Gavin King are doing all they can to prevent this from happening in Cairns. Their small town mindedness and ignorance is holding Cairns back from being the international city it can be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Alison. Mackenzie is so full of himself. Its all about him and his favourite friends who support his side of politics. Anyone who comes onto his show with a opinion that differs is quickly shut up and he quickly changes the subject. Its time the radio station looked at what interest he is pulling( about 300 people only a day) and moving on and getting someone connect with the times we live in and not some has been from the sixties who is just a self promoter.
Charlie Spencer

Anonymous said...

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hieronymus bosch said...

BUT... wait till it's finish being built!

i wonder who'll be telling everyone what a fantastic addition to the city it is AND expecting free tickets to everything?