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25 November 2010


Despite the de-escalation of the anti-Cultural Precinct mob as the Cairns Post and other influential community leaders line up behind the Mayor's plans, Un-Sir Bob Norman continued his baseless attacks against the project this morning on the Hillbilly Radio Show. His personal attacks on the Mayor this morning were unfounded, and his lying has escalated.

Norman claims NOW the site purchased by former Mayor Kevin 'Tear it Down" Byrne is the best site for the project. This apparently because it's been made clear to him that the current Cairns Ports office site will never be released to council for their use. Norman mocks the Mayor and the current Council who clearly have no desire to have this Cultural Precinct surrounded by 17 story residential towers.

Norman said of the residential project "I've seen no evidence of such a project". What's wrong Bob, you don't get the paper? READ IT HERE, UN-SIR BOB. There's a picture of your mate, KB. And a story on how these developers were murdered in Pakistan - fill in your own dodgy deal here. All of these people were attached to this APPROVED PROJECT. The fact they've not built it - you'll have to ask Kevin.

The only real question is why the former mayor was trying to jam this project into a site just adjacent to his developer mates. You got an answer to that, Bob? Some kind of "mate's deal" going on here?

The continued attacks by Norman make it clear some funny business is going on. After all, what's this guy done for Cairns? Two failed ice cream shops (who fails at selling ice cream in the tropics, anyway), a huge refusal of his business mates to re-elect him as head of the Chamber of Commerce, and other rumoured dodgy deals make Un-Sir Bob an even less credible information source than Rugnut MacKenzie!


Business Operator said...

Listening to the John Mackenzie program, today and he asked a caller, "Dave out at Earlville" how he thought the CRC Councillors would fare in the next election. Dave replied that the entire Council would be voted out.
Unfortunately, there is some element of truth to this sweeping statement. Mackenzie has not only almost destroyed the Mayor...I say, almost, because the Mayor has revealed surprising strength, but also makes hideous generalisations about the Council as a whole. He regularly paints them all with the one colour. I've just heard him now, as I write this..."We have Governments at all level who show us nothing but contempt...".
Mackenzie is inflaming people so much that they can't wait to vote the current Council out.

I hear, on the grapevine that there is already several business "identities" putting their names forward. They are not the most ethical, scrupulous people, believe me.
Unfortunately, Mackenzie now has Cairns people so fired up, that many are saying that they will vote for "anyone" other than the sitting Councillor Mayor. God help us...I believe we are about to get the biggest line up of scoundrels, criminals, cheats, and liars imagineable.

Anonymous said...

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- Henry

Anonymous said...

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