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17 December 2010


All week long Rugnut MacKenzie has been attacking the Mayor and Council for the Christmas Tree that council put on the Esplanade, at the foot of Shields Street. Also known as the "busiest area of the CBD".

It's unclear what he finds so wrong. The location? The fact that gold bars aren't dangling from the branches?

This morning in his editorial warmup, he referred to the Christmas tree again as if it was bringing shame on the city. He even used his paid Friday chump Queenie John Michael Howson to attack the council for their "Eleven Dollar Tree".

So you'd think he'd have the cajones to voice his ratbag opinions directly to the Mayor when she turned up at 10:15. You'd think so. You'd be wrong. The Mayor discussed all the different Christmas decoration initiatives by council and private business in the CBD, and pointed out Council had put NO tree up prior to her election.

Ole' rugnut sat quiet as a schoolboy. Too gutless to foist his worthless opinions directly on the Mayor, he much prefers the sneaky "knife in the back" attack. Hey ratbag, we've found a whole pile of hillbilly testicles outside your radio station - if you point out which are yours, we'll gladly leave them behind!

A Merry Christmas to all, and Rugnut MacKenzie can rot in the hell of his own making!


Business Operator said...

Typical passive aggressive behaviour! It is characteristic of weak people.

curly joe said...

Cairns has had plenty of Council provided Christmas trees over the decades. I recall going down to visit a very large tree in front of the old Council Chambers in Abbott Street to watch the then Mayor, Alf de Jarlais climbing a ladder to place the Christmas star on the top, about 1970. It is indicative of the sort of community we were then, that everyone clapped and cheered the Mayor for his efforts of putting the star on the tree. After that, there were yearly trees on the Fogarty Fountain end of the esplanade. For some years there was a tree in City Place until that was demolished. Mackenzie of course never complained during the years a tree was missing,

chris forsberg said...

Chris Forsberg cautions:-

Hello Hillbilly bloke - your tasteless, tacky testicles item
typifies the the biased rubbish you
run on this site.

Your inexplicable loathing of John Mackenzie is matched only by your
ill-informed willingness to blindly
endorse everything Mayor Schier says and does.

I have great respect for Mayor
Schier - but you can be assured
that she was in error in claiming,
IF she did (your site is NOT in anyway reliable or truthful), that
"there were no council Christnas
Trees before she was elected".

The Council Christmas Tree was introduced by Keith Goodwin in his
Mayoral term - and continued
throughout the terms of his successors - including the councils
of Kevin Byrne.

Still - you're totally oblivious
to any sense of factual content -
so ill-informed and blindly biased
is the crap you 'publish' that you
make Mike Moore look like a saint.

Mr. HillBilly - Mike Moore may or may not deserve to be the subject of a $350,000 law suit - but he has
never written as irresponsibly as
you do. You would be well-advised
to tone-down your content - if you
don't, you will find yourelf and your site in much deeper doggy-do than Mike Moore.

chris forsberg bayview heights