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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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23 December 2010


During Cr. Cochrane's appearance on the Rugnut hour today, a John MacKenzie error has revealed the "ulterior motive" driving Gavin King and the Cairns Post in their recent self-promotion activities in the CBD.

The cat's out of the bag - the Cairns Post is leaving Cairns for a move of most operations to Townsville. Just this week two staffers have been cut (the week of Christmas, good job!) and it's been reported to the blog that News Ltd. has made preliminary inquiries about the sale of the Cairns Post building on Abbott Street (the historic former Cairns Main Post Office).

This explains the appointment of King with the oddball title "Editor At Large". A couple reporters will be left in Cairns under the director of King, along with sales and advertising staff.
Axing the local newspaper shows the weak commitment to Cairns by News Ltd., and moving operations to Townsville a major loss to the Cairns community.

More soon . . . .


chris forsberg said...

'Credit where it's due', writes Chris Forsberg

Hello HillBilly - your item today is your first-ever deserving of
compliment. Overlooking your favourite radio talk show host for a moment, the rumoured relocation of the Cairns Post's 'production' department to Townsville has been
bandied-about-the-town for some

IF true, such a move would be, as you say, "a major loss to Cairns",
as some 50 to 60 jobs might be
'binned'. It might also explain, as you infer, the Post's sudden interest in the less than desirable
state of the CBD - and the so-called 'Blitz', which struck me as
a thinly disguised promotion for
a relatively small group of Grafton
Street traders.

During the over-hyped 3 day 'Blitz'
the desolate City Place was almost
completing neglected - except for
two token buskers, one of whom succombed to heat-stroke and took an early exit.

Blogs should 'expose' issues like
this one. For understandable reasons, local mainstream media have ignored the 'rumoured Post production closure' - hence the chances of a 'public outcry' are pretty slim...

Of course, this somewhat serious
matter has nought to do with John
Mackenzie - although it is 'fair
comment' to suggest that Mr.
Mackenzie and the 'Editor-at-Large'
who modestly calls himself 'The
King' might be engaged in some kind of public misinformation campaign...

However, it should not be assumed
that Mr. Mackenzie is necessarily
aware of any hidden agendas - IF
he made the "mistake" you claim he
made, it's quite likely that he is
being 'used', as is often the case.

ALL talk show jocks are 'used',
exploited by duplicitous guests
and callers - none should be judged
by the 'on-air' company they keep.

chris forsberg bayview heights

curly joe said...

Dunno how true this is. However, there have been phenomenal changes to the media industry since computerisation and the advent of the internet. Pacific Publications, which publishes most of Australia's magazines, maintains a skeleton staffing who mostly cut and paste stories from the USA to publish in Aussie magazines. You can read pretty much the same stories now in magazines in N.Z., Canada, Australia and the USA. Occasionally an Australian freelance story gets published, but you get the impression that there is only a very limited budget for anything Australian and original.
Most of the stories are about Hollywood "stars" and if you read them closely, you can easily find that some stories have been re-hashed several times, with just a few word changes, different headlines and maybe a different photo.

PSI Tutor:Mentor said...

I hope it's not true~ lack of diversity of journalist characters and the loss jobs and a local paper will not bode well for Cairns as a community.

Anonymous said...

100% true.

Danial123 said...

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