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10 December 2010



Meet Glenn Geerlings and his wife Karen. Glenn was able to parlay his unintelligible radio rant about the Esplanade markets into a guest shot with the Rugnut on Channel Seven news last night.

Glenn's problem? He pays "big rent" at the Night Markets and doesn't want the cheap rent vendors on the Esplanade Saturdays, and now a few days a year to welcome the cruise ship customers. Yes, that's right you clever readers - he's at the NIGHT MARKETS, and is objecting to DAY MARKETS! A day market that by its very nature is NO competition to him since as we all know the NIGHT MARKETS are open at. . . .wait for it. . . . NIGHT!

And what do Glenn and Karen sell that's so subject to competitive pressures? DIDGERIDOOS! Just what we like to see - - non-aboriginals claiming to sell aboriginal products to unknowing tourists. We'd be the last to suggest that exploitation of our aboriginal brothers and sisters is the core of the Geerling's business.

Geerling's Channel Seven rant attacked Mayor Schier for her dastardly attempt to get more people into the CBD and called for her to be deposed with a referendum. Geerling obviously has Australia confused with democratic governments elsewhere in the world since there is no provision in the Queensland state constitution for such hillbilly stupidity.

Our idea for a referendum? Require all white fellas selling aboriginal products to return these businesses back to the aboriginal community. The Glenn and Karen would have to get real jobs instead of profiting on the backs of the disadvantaged.


Anonymous said...

its pircks like youeself that dont understand what it takes to run shop factories and so for and than have the council go in compitition against the rate payer

and you your so inteligent you missed what it was all about firstly you fusked up goos the markets was designd for all Australian made stuff you goos and half or more is made over seas thats what we are talking about fuck witt and yes id love to meet you your one gutless prick that has no concer about how cirne is ran by a looser like val how feeds her own pocket and the scabs beside her dose she realy caer about the far northern people not" but saying all that how cears at the end of the people like me how live here and wants cairns to be a productive city once again.

so lets meet so i can teach you some thing about life and what it has install for you.

God Bless

Charlotte said...

I was gob-smacked when I saw Mackenzie's attack on the mayor via Glenn Geerlings who had already had a go at her on his show last week. His claims were refuted on air by a caller - a local wood worker - who explained that the DAY markets - being TRIALED while cruise ships are in to bring travellers into the CBD area - were set up to promote LOCAL craftspeople and artists selling LOCALLY made products. There's no limit to how low Mackenzie will stoop with his obsessive hatred of the mayor and campaign to remove her from office.

Mac B said...

Mackenzie has a corrosive and divisive influence in Cairns. If he had any idea of community responsibility, he would have opened up the community discussion on the idea of a Cultural Precinct for Cairns. Instead he launched an immediate attack on the whole idea, scoffing and sneering and jeering and twisting it into a malevolent attack on Val Schier.
The more I listen to him, the more convinced I am that something corrupt is behind this and Mackenzie is in on it up to the top of his bald pate.