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20 January 2011


With the euphoria over the clean footpaths on Grafton Street starting to fade, Cairns Councillor Sno Bonneau with the encouragement of Cairns Post editor Gavin King has today announced council plans to implement a Local Law REQUIRING residents to "Buy Local" and support the local economy.

The first stage of this new Local Law requires all Cairns residents who have garden or pool service to employ gardeners and pool cleaners who reside in the same postal subdivision, as shown on official Queensland suburb maps. For example, residents of Edmonton can only employ gardeners who live in Edmonton, or who can prove they maintain an office in Edmonton. Likewise in every suburb of Cairns - except in the case of the CBD. Since few gardeners and poolies are resident in the CBD, this area will be opened to tradies in immediately adjacent suburbs like North Cairns, Edge Hill, and Portsmith.

Cr. Bonneau said "It's time to stop our hard earned dollars from going to residents outside our local communities. I'm tired of seeing Kewarra Beach gardeners driving around the Northern Beaches in Mercs and BMW's, bought with my neighbour's hard earned money".

This new Local Law should be implemented by council in time for the new financial year starting 1 July 2011. If proven successful, Bonneau has stated that the concept will be extended to other trades and businesses. He said "This will prove a boon to the Australian tradition of local business and tradies, and will discourage the continued growth of traders like Coles and Woolworth's who take all the profits for communities in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth".

We look forward to your comments on this progressive proposal from Sno Bonneau!


James Richards said...

Is it April 1st already. Jeez, that’s early. Is this a serious proposal? Why do Kewarra Beach gardeners drive round in BMWs? Maybe they work a lot harder? Maybe other gardeners need to compete? If this type of ‘law’ goes through they’ll be driving round in Rollers in no time at all. Imagine the pool shop in Kewarra has the monopoly of every resident in Kewarra Beach and surrounds. Suddenly he’ll double his prices and no one can stop him. What about the gardener I went to recently. 5 weeks I waited for a quote. 5 weeks and 5 phone calls later I went with someone else. Their loss. Unless this ‘law’ goes through. Then they will be able to take their own sweet time and quote whatever they want knowing the consumer can’t go anywhere else. Seriously, is the date on my computer wrong? Seriously, is it April 1st? Three words…freedom of choice.

Alison Alloway said...

You must be joking! You mean I would not be able to call my plumber nephew who lives at Caravonica to come and fix a leaking tap?? I would not be able to call the same sparkie (who lives at Trinity Beach) who has been looking after the electrical wiring in my house? This has to be a joke, right?

Jim McMahon, Edge HIll said...

I applaud Cr. Bonneau for his courage in this matter. This is a big problem for regional areas where our money is going "down south" to Mexicans and others. I would hope council will see the wisdom in this issue and ensure all local designers, builders, and tradies are used to construct our $240million Cultural Precinct. It doesn't matter that they don't have any experience in theaters, or acoustics, lighting, or modern backstage design. We'll end up with something, and we'll have the comfort knowing we paid local workers to build a piece of shit building.

And to those who don't agree - just look at the new domestic terminal at the airport and ask "why did we use local designers instead of experienced airport architects". We BOUGHT LOCAL!