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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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27 January 2011


Despite John MacKenzie's attempt to get Cairns Citizen of the Year Clive Skarott to attack the council Cultural Precinct plans, Skarott called the location "ideal" and the mooted cost of $240M in line with its projected use.

With MacKenzie whinging about the cost to the community, Skarott said the spending level was "appropriate" for a community of our size, and expressed dismay that the project is being delayed so long. Word around town is that Skarott believes both Rugnut and his Mr. Hyde Gavin King are divisive elements in the community. I believe the exact words are "dickhead arseholes".

Then Skarott, drawing on his experience as former director of the Port Authority, completely dismissed the tired MacKenzie argument that this port land was valuable for the future. He instead called the wharf 1-6 area "inadequate for shipping uses" due to weight issues with the heritage-listed wharfs. He then called the location of the Cultural Precinct on this site "wonderful".

Mackenzie, stunned into an uncommon silence by this honoured citizen of Cairns, then said "he was late for the news" and cut Skarott off.

MacKenzie is now busy trying to figure out how to erase this ten minutes from the record, and misquote Skarrot to his Hillbilly contingent.

Mackenzie and King spend hours complaining that we have "no community leaders", deciding that being elected to a leadership post somehow means you're not a leader. A REAL community leader like Clive Skarott supports moving Cairns into the future and kicking blockheads like MacKenzie to the kerb.

Once again John "Rugnut" MacKenzie proves what a worthless charlatan he really is.


Business Operator said...

It's all about strategy. The PLAN was to undermine Val Schier from day one, with a view to either getting her to resign and flee the city in distress or to create a leadership vacuum by destroying Val's credibility and accord with the people so that a "leader" could step in. Well, it hasn't quite worked to PLAN. Val has demonstrated she is one tough cookie, and secondly suspicion is rife throughout the Cairns community.

Anonymous said...

Clive Skarott is a top bloke and Cairns is lucky to have people like Clive who have collectively put in the hard work over the years for our community, and have vision for our children's future, be it in the arts or sports.