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31 January 2011


Rugnut MacKenzie this morning took up the cheerleading for the teetering local company CEC Group Ltd (CEG) after a misleading story in today's Cairns Post. CEC last week sent their queen spin doctor Andrew Griffiths to the Cairns Post and voila! Up pops today's plate of bullshit, from which Rugnut took a giant helping.

Griffiths says that "the company's wheels are still a bit shaky but the worst is over.

Griffiths says ". . .that's why the banks are supportive of us".

Funny, but he's contradicted by CEC's own press releases. In the company's statement from last Friday, they say "the company does not envisage any definitive position to be taken by the principal financier. . ." That renders the "banks are supportive" statement as a complete LIE.

The statement goes on to say "The company is still endeavouring to negotiation with the principal financier about the status of the current facilities". This renders the "worst is over" statement of Griffiths as a LIE.

Griffiths and MacKenzie failed to mention the three points of interest to local tradies and investors. First, when are tradies going to see some dosh - some of whom are reported owed money for almost two years. Second, how does the company plan to operate as a construction company with their construction licence cancelled? And thirdly, what's to happen to benefit the battlers who invested in this company, some at over $2.50/share, with the market valuing the company now at 4 CENTS.

Andrew Griffiths is a known buddy and confident to the 4CA Rugnut. He runs a "self-help" company called The Insipid Company, which is generally what glib business failures do. He also runs a "Presenting Bootcamp", which apparently is designed for businesses who want to learn how to spin PR furphys as well as Andrew does.

Some of his books include "101 Secrets to Lying to the ASX" and "101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone". (The second is actually true).

Sorry Andrew, Sorry Rugnut. You're selling bullshit on behalf of Roy Lavis. We're not buying.

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curly joe said...

Warren Entsch the local Federal Member was on the CEC Board of Directors for some years.