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22 February 2011


The Cairns Post published this headline on the net over the weekend.

Finally some truth from this rag. Labor has been a "Blight" on Cairns for years.

And thanks too for all the tips about LNP candidates, especially Paul "Witches and Bitches" Freebody and Un-Sir Bob Norman. We'll be publishing this information as warranted.

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Alison Alloway said...

The problems with Cairns will be here for many decades to come, and are not politically driven.

Australia is probably the most mobile country in the world, with very few individuals today being born, living and dying in the one town. A large proportion of Australians will live their lives in several States, in several towns or cities. People today are less likely to remain in a town so that their children can receive stability in their schooling, as compared to their parents. Stability of environment no longer has the same value as it did in our parents generation.

Cairns, because of its tourism driven image, is a primary destination for the new mobile society. Any research conducted amongst these new arrivals reveals that many are not prepared for the downside of living in the tropics, hence many return.

True, Cairns has always had a fluctuating population with seasonal transients, however there have been no in depth studies on the new mobility and how that is affecting certain areas of Australia.

Our Commonwealth Census is conducted every five years, and is basically inadequate to report on this new demographic trend.

Added to this has been the steady but sure growth in tourist traffic in the city since the opening of the international airport. Having ever increasing numbers of tourists in the city also means extra pressure being exerted on medical and hospital facilities, roads, parking spaces etc. Some 20% of people recently housed in the evacuation centres during Cyclone Yasi were tourists. Had we been enjoying a bumper tourist season, there would have been a far greater percentage. These people would also have exerted extra pressure on our communications networks. Had there been a disaster, the tourists would have added extra pressure on our emergency and rescue personnel, medical resources etc.

These then are some of the major problems facing Cairns. We live in a free society where we cherish our freedoms, and that involves the right to live where we want and when we want. We live in a city which depends on tourism for its lifeblood. Unfortunately, they have their consequences.