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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

08 February 2011


While one of the most threatening cyclones in our generation was racing to the Queensland coast, a breathless and weather-orgasmic John MacKenzie was doing his utmost to stir the media frenzy with his doom and gloom pronouncements. And in between his professions of doom, he continued to give voice to the idiot savant hillbilly minority.

• "Shorty in Woree", a frequent hillbilly caller, offered his suggestions for weathering the cyclone including the racist observation that "people shouldn't go out in Japanese safety boots". The comment greeted by raucous peals of Rugnut laughter.

• The moronic woman who bitched that Jetstar cancelled her flight, scheduled the day Yasi arrived, instead claiming that Jetstar should have provided unlimited seats out of Cairns. Her observation? "They have hundreds of planes, why are they canceling flights?"

• The the most absurd, a passenger who arrived from Brisbane the day before the cyclone was angry with Jetstar because they didn't tell him a cyclone was coming to Cairns. "I didn't know there was a cyclone there, and Jetstar should have been responsible for telling me".

It's these same Hillbillies lined up blocks deep at Centrelink for their "free money". Don't people ever take any responsibility for themselves?

People this stupid are the reason the only cyclone-related death was some jackass moron running a generator inside a closed room, to power (among other things) a FAN. Such is the intelligence of this community it spurred our Brisbane Labor masters to send a text message to EVERYONE in North Queensland warning them against the practise.

It was also noted that Rugnut is gladly taking the advertising dosh, also known as "corporate welfare", running commercials warning about this indoor-generator danger. At least this commercial is properly targeted!

Finally, the top of the racist-comment heap goes to Steve Ahmet, who came in to take the microphone while Macca went out for a shooter. He advised that an aboriginal high school had volunteered to come into Cairns and assist in damage clean-up, and then said "they're as good with a chainsaw as they are with a boomerang".

Despite the fierce competition Steve Ahmet is the 4CA Racist of the Day!

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