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18 February 2011


In the continued effort by Rugnut MacKenzie to racebait and incite, the Hillbilly hour invited new Assistant Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll and Cairns Police Superintendent Bryan Connors to discuss policing in Cairns. Rugnut made his usual ignorant comments, complaining that biggest problem with "the itinerants" (4CA code for aboriginal peoples) is their use of bad language - "F••• this and f••• that". Advised by the commissioner that the courts have found use of the "F" word legal, MacKenzie then spewed "well, bugger the courts"! Apparently MacKenzie finds his own language that advocates anal sex with judges and magistrates acceptable for the radio. Funny that. MacKenzie entranced by sodomy.

The usual telephone complaints were lodged by Cairns residents - police indifference to the community, police ineffective in solving problem, police "blitzes" on issues that don't affect any long-term change.

And complaints by ratepayers to local councillors about policing issues fall on deaf ears because local pollies have no authority over local policing. What kind of stupidity is this?

The Assistant Commissioner and her sidekick gave the usual platitudes about police assets, deployments, blah blah blah. Rugnut made his usual pleas to stop the continual murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults that occur by the hundreds daily. Oh wait, he's made that shit up, too.

When is the public going to wake up as to the core issue that makes policing in Queensland so ineffective? Police are employed by the state, not the localities, and they have no loyalty or dedication to the communities they're serving. And the continual transferring of constables and management mean that none of these officers get any familiarity with the communities they are posted to. It's no wonder that some of the public has decided to bash the police - with such poor training, and no responsibility to the local community, who has a jot of respect from these uniform-fillers? What kind of police training lets a 32 year old constable get bashed, one on one, by a 14 year old boy?

No other country in the world has such an ineffective and inefficient system. Police in Canada, the USA, Germany, China, Japan, and most other locations around the world are hired from their local communities, promoted in their local police departments, serving their neighbors and local communities, in an effective and streamlined system. None of this working in one place for 18 months and then getting transferred for political reasons to meet political goals. If Katarina does a good job, it won't be long before she's moved back to Brisbane to fill political goals. If she does a bad job, it won't be long before she's in Charters Towers.

And while we're at it, why aren't the judges up for election by the public, and instead pawns of the political process? Nothing better than voting out some bleeding heart do-gooder like Sara Bradley who gives probation to everyone that shows up, regardless of the crime.

Local accountability. That's a hallmark of a democracy. Continual complaints about this and that to this week's Police commissioner are a waste of everyone's time.

We need local accountability. We need state government politicians accountable to the people of Cairns, not the faceless men of the Labor party. We need police accountable to our local elected representatives. We need a democracy, not the unionocracy that is currently ruling.

We need a little Egypt action.


Sharpshooter said...

Some good points there Hillbilly.

BillyD said...

What a good post, I'll have to show this to a friend of my son, about to undergo training, who was apparently told he'll be able to stay in Cairns once his training is completed.

PS: What a good blog, this is what I expected from "Cairnsblog" many moons ago, that has now turned into a labour bashing soapbox for serial pest Bryan Law and his ilk, and is no longer worth the time.