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19 February 2011


Cairns council LOSER and failed businessman Paul Freebody has today reportedly done what all business failures do - run for another government job! Freebody has reportedly offered to run for the LNP as Member for Cairns, replacing Desley "Yes, Minister" Boyle. Clearly with the bar set so low even a hack like Freebody could give a Boyle-esq performance now, couldn't he?

This would seem to confirm that the Adverture Waters plans have been shit-canned as no right-thinking person would want to be in business with this serial jerk. ASIC had previously opened an investigation into the "Freebody Group's" attempts to raise private money for this poorly-sited attraction. He also was known to have been behind several losing candidate's misspelled and grammatically incorrect campaign flyers during the last council election.

Freebody has made few friends over his pathetic career. He famously called Cairns female councillors "witches and bitches" on the Rugnut show, exposing his true hillbilly roots. And his rumoured to be soon ex-wife Kim Freebody still runs a Facebook site that was designed to harass Mayor Schier and her fellow "witches and bitches". For both his Adventure Waters site as well as the Mayor Schier attack, Freebody reportedly paid a computer hacker to exploit a since-closed Facebook flaw that allowed thousands of people to be unwittingly subscribed as supporters.

Does this guy need to be Member for Cairns? How about Member for Lotus Glen?

Paul Freebody, our Born again Christian, Hillbilly wanna-be of the day!


Portia said...

The last happy-clappy Jesus lovin' Queensland MP I can recall was Keith Wright who was jailed for paedophilia.

hieronymus bosch said...

so, i guess if you say you're a "businessman" (wtf does that even mean?) that makes it so?

ok, i'm an astronaut...

why isn't this fucken working?!!

athena said...

Freebody's inappropriate comments on Mackenzie's show about "witches and bitches" reveals he has a problem with self-control and ego. I wonder how he would cope with exactly the same "hate" campaign which is being orchestrated against Val Schier? Could he stand the pressure of being an MP?

Curly Joe said...

All hail to thee, next Member for Cairns. It's a foregone conclusion folks. Anna has stuffed up bigtime, so the likes of the Freebodys are already in Parliament. He won't have to campaign hard. A massive tsunami of voter discontent is on its way.
I'm tipping only Pitt will survive for the ALP North of Rockhampton.