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25 March 2011


Since 2008 when this current Cairns Regional Council was elected, Cairns radio talkshow host John "Rugnut" MacKenzie has conducted a one-man attack against the council, the Mayor Val Schier, and the elected progressive members of this council.

It started when MacKenzie demanded payment from the Schier council for the previously unpaid hour provided to MacKenzie mate Kevin Byrne (and previous Mayors), a "Cash for Comment" scandal that ultimately saw the City Manager replaced and council exonerated.

With his hostility towards the Mayor barely contained MacKenzie then turned on the community-driven project to replace the current, grossly inadequate Civic Theatre with a modern, up-to-date project first proposed by Mayor Byrne, but expanded by the forward thinking Val Schier. The proposal addresses the need for theatre space adjacent to the money-spinning convention centre, addresses the regional shortfall in museum space, and provides a point of pride for the community. State government thru their control of the Cairns Ports, reacting in part to community concerns that all the waterfront land was being sold-off to hotel and unit projects, offered up the seaside site adjacent to the convention centre, a site that is a coup for this mayor and council. An artist's conception of the project was circulated to the community, and quickly seized on by MacKenzie as the "Val-Cano", a term of derision he's used to denigrate both the Mayor and the project.

Over a two-year project MacKenzie has attempted to derail the project along with his "300 Hillbilly" listeners. The arguments against the project expressed daily at behest of MacKenzie were specious at best:
  • We should save port land for the port
  • We should put it in Munroe Martin Park and drive out the aboriginals
  • Retired "Rate Payers" shouldn't have to pay for it; screw renters and young people
  • All "artsy" people are faggots and shouldn't get anything

After whipping up his 300 listeners into a misogynist anti-Council, anti-Scheir frenzy, and several weeks of non-stop promotion, a public meeting was held last night at the Cairns High School auditorium. The meeting was organised by Barry Neale, who has organised successful meetings with this "Residents against Aboriginals and Crime" group - dedicated to getting all the non-white residents of Cairns to "go back where they came from". And hundreds of posters were put up all around the city by Raj Patel, a daily hillbilly caller and owner of the discredited Snap Printing on Florence Street. Apparently Raj has missed the mocking, phony-accented Indian that MacKenzie uses to racially vilify his ethnic group on a regular basis.

And even in this biased, one-sided promotion of this event, MacKenzie and his dwindling number of listeners failed to generate the "tide of negativity" needed to derail the project. With MacKenzie boasting "polls" of his listeners of over 90% AGAINST the project, one would have expected a lynch-mob of thousands would gather to shout at the Mayor and shut down the project. Nothing of the kind occurred. Confirming what we've known all along - John MacKenzie is a dinosaur representing the past, the hateful, the uneducated - the entire ratbaggery of the Cairns community.

Clearly, the community has spoken loudly in favour of the Cultural Precinct as advanced by our forward-thinking Mayor and (some) members of the Cairns Regional Council!

The best the hillbillies could muster was a vote against the site on the waterfront, this despite Cairns Port's continued assertions (including Master Plans going back 20 years) that this waterfront land is unsuitable for heavy port uses, has adequate port space elsewhere in the inlet, and will be used for hotels/units if not used by the community for this project.

The MacKenzie hillbillies have lost resoundingly.
The community has spoken.

Now the council needs to get on with it. Several of the councillors who've thought MacKenzie's listeners represented a widespread community opinion have been duped. They should admit they've been scammed by ol' Rugnut and get behind the Mayor to get this project underway.


CBD Warrior said...

I was at the meeting last night. You're description of the meeting is very correct.

The biggest presentation was from Brett Moller, who concentrated on the 'business case' and the 'consultation", both of which he was critical of. And on both issues he's categorically WRONG.

As for the business case, several points can be made. Firstly, the process needs a location, design, and construction estimates before one could hope to provide a complete business case. But since this isn't a BUSINESS but in fact a public works project, I'm not troubled about the minimal business case provided. I'm quite sure there was no such business case for the Sydney Harbour bridge, or the Opera House. Sometimes government has to do and spend what's necessary to achieve the goals. And in this case, spending say $60 million on a "new" Civic Theatre wouldn't get the job done. A new, cheap, poorly designed Civic Theatre still couldn't hold world-class events, would be of minimal use to visiting conventioneers, and ultimately would be an expensive white elephant. The Mayor is correct at stretching this GROWING community as far as can be practicable. She's thinking for the future.

And where's the business case for every fucking sport stadium built in this country? There isn't one, because the hillbillies expect their sport stadiums and drunken sport louts and local teams to be ensconced in luxury. Warren Entsch is pushing for a "rectangular" stadium as a way to spend public money, with no business case for that, either.

And as for consultation, this project has been consulted to the public for years, ever since first proposed by Kevin Byrne. The Byrne proposal didn't get up primarily because it was too limited and conservative.

No more consultation with the 300 hillbilly thugs in this community and let's just build the damn thing. $300 million is fine with me, and the ratepayers I all know.

Jim M from Edge Hill said...

Marg Cochrane was brought in to Macca's show this AM in an attempt to "spin" the meeting last night.

It was noted again that Council, in 2008, reviewed all the possible sites and Council (including Cochrane) approved the selected site on the waterfront.

It was also noted that management from Cairns Ports declined to attend the meeting. Probably sick of pointing at their master plan, approved by BOB MANNING years ago, that shows this site as surplus to port operations - something some of these blockheads refuse to accept.

Alison Alloway said...

Peering into the future, my greatest fear is that the Cultural Centre is abandoned and Cairns embarks on "sporting" tourism with firstly establishing the 20,000 rectangular football stadium close to the CBD. Having hundreds if not a few thousand easily exciteable young males pouring into the CBD after a game is a scarey enough thought. However adding those males to hundreds of US Guam marines on R & R in the CBD, and we have a potential disaster. (The US marines were kicked out of Okinawa by the Japanese after years of brutalities levied at the Japanese people.)
Commonsense should dictate that if we follow this path, we will be playing with dynamite.

Tommo said...

Mackenzie and King are playing the simple folk of Cairns like a pack of muppets. It's simple enough to turn the footie lovin people against the culture buffs. I'm betting we do end up with what you have suggested, Alison. All out bloody brawls in the CBD involving hundreds, if not thousands of alcohol and testos fuelled young blokes, all charged up to have a bloody good stoush with the US marines or blackfellas or opposing team supporters, fighting it out along the CBD streets. If the bloody stirry Police Union decide to pull their members out of Cairns, if a couple of cops are killed, we'll be rooted. The tourist industry will be KO'd. By this Mackenzie will be retired, so too will Entsch and King will also have pissed off
somewhere, leaving the simple hillbillys of Cairns to try and deal with the mess.
Yeah, the poor bloody Japanese took years to get the piss drunk US marines out of Okinawa, you reckon we're going to find it easy? Bloody hell.

h. bosch said...

It amuses me that the same hillbillies demanding more consultation are the very same whining about the cost of the project to ratepayers!

Do we just continue to waste money consulting the community until it gets the answer they want?

Why aren't they complaining about the couple of hundred thousand being wasted on a feasibility study for an unneeded footy stadium?

RugNazi keeps telling us that local tradies 'are down on their knees' but doesn't want to give them jobs building something.

RobPyne said...

The concerns of callers were legitimate concerns and I shared them.

However, when raised with Planners, Engineers and the Port Authority, those concerns were answered and addressed one by one.

These ‘issues’, were either shown to be based on incorrect assumptions or were able to be addressed through the design process.

I agree, lets kick it along, get title transferred and at least have the site ’cleared and filled’ by the next election.

Warm Regards,
Cr. Rob Pyne.

Bernie W. said...

I guess we all have to admit that the delaying and stalling tactics to commencing the building of the Cultural Precinct has worked. We now have a looming State Election with every expectation that Newman will shit it in, if what happened in NSW translates into Queensland.
With a change of Government, goodbye Cultural Precinct and here comes the 20,000 rectangular football/entertainment stadium.
Oh...Entsch and Freebody will urge the Newman State Government to sack the Mayor I dare say and Byrne will come romping back.
Yeah Alison what you said is probably true. We haven't seen anything like so called soccer hooliganism in this city yet. It's all ahead of us.

Bus. Op, said...

A change of Government will put the kibosh on any Cultural Precinct for years, maybe decades to come.
The $40 million funding from the State Government will be re-directed to the cheers of the half-wits and baboons of Cairns to the endless pit of "rebuilding Brisbane". Oh, I'm sure a bit of political sophistry will be used, a pledge that it will "go towards the new hospital" or some such lying bullshit.
We won't get funding for cultural facilities like that again for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Who will be the next Mayor??
When will Rugnut have a heart attack??

Run your own polls on these.

BTW. I've witnessed Rugnut call a woman a "DOG" and that she should be "ON A LEASH" at the 2007 Amatuers, as did at least 8 others. The man is a fucking PIG !
The best way to end his ego trip is not to listen or even publish this blog...there are better things to do right??

Kind regards,

S. Northy said...

I'm also inclined to say the Cultural Precinct looks doomed. There is likely to be an election before the building commences, and with a change of Government, the funding will be quickly withdrawn. The hillbillys will cheer on, thinking, just like the hospital stoush in 1996, what a great "victory" they've had.
Townsville is more likely to get a bigger, modern theatre in the near future while Cairns will continue to maintain its increasing ageing, and inadequate theatre.

Bernie W. said...

You're not wrong there Bus. Op. If a new State Government demands the funding back, we won't see anything like that again for a very long time. We'll be left for years, likely decades with an inadequate convention centre, a too small, rapidly ageing, outdated community theatre , and of course no real museum!
As well as this, in the short term, Cairns will be left without a major building project to help alleviate the high unemployment.

Charlie said...

Mackenzie was the hillbilly who lead the charge to keep the Hospital on the Esplanade. He told everyone who wanted to listen to him the the salt air helped you get well!!! And look what happened Townsville got the new Hospital on a greenfield site. Charlie

Charlie said...

On the matter of the rectangular playing field, I am totally against it. Every club with a rectangular field in the CRC area is struggling. At any game whether it be Rugby Union, Soccer or Rugby League you would be lucky to get enough people there to pay for the upkeep. I understand that the Council has recently had to bail out the Kangaroo FC and purchase the ground so the Pride have a home base. Of couse Cochrane would be thinking the rectangular stadium would be good for Soccer. Didn't the NQ Fury which she wanted to bring to Cairns fall over? So if the Rectangular Stadium gets built it will be expected that local Rugby League games would have to be played on it and of course that would send Ivanhoes, Suburbs and maybe Brothers Bankrupt because their fields will only be used for training and where will the money come from to pay for the upkeep of their fields?? Will the CRC(The Ratepayers) be once again expected to purchase them? Have Entsch, Manning and Cochrane taken this into consideration? If Cochrane has the guts to run for Mayor she will be campaigning for the Rectangular Field.

athena said...

Mackenzie played a pivotal role in the 1995/1996 campaign against relocating the Base Hospital. He stirred up the simple folks by railing and ranting about the State Government's closure of the Central State School and old Railway Station where the Government sold the land to private developers. Kackenzie then used this to argue that De Lacey the then Member for Cairns, only wanted to sell off the Hospital land on the Esplanade to a high rise developer, etc. Rugnut inflamed the simple souls of Cairns so that they all rose up like rampaging warthogs demanding the decrepit sick old hospital remain. De Lacey backed off and the $1.5 billion was allocated to Townsville. By 2000, the hospital was badly stretched and the State Government then embarked on its first round of expensive upgrades. By 2005, just under 10 years from the campaign against a brand new hospital, the community was bellowing for a new hospital and couldn't understand that the Government no longer had $1.5 billion to up and deliver it.
I have a feeling we are going through much the same motions now with the Cultural Precinct. Rugnut has stirred everyone up, and a new Government is most likely to withdraw the funding. Within a few years down the track, especially after Townsville gets their new theatre up and running, the screams will start here in Cairns. Mackenzie has a corrosive and damaging influence in the Cairns community.

Bernie W. said...

It's sickening to see people like Entsch and Cochrane woo voters with promises of football stadiums, while dividing the community at the same time. Nonetheless it is a vote catcher, and these two don't give a stuff apart from getting their ample, porcine arses in a well paid seat. Neither of the two of them is going to be in their jobs for more than six years, so if they succeed in killing the Cultural Precinct and obtaining the 20,000 seat football stadium, they won't be around to see
the consequences. Not of course that they would give a stuff.
Oh...note how Mackenzie hasn't been ranting and raving away about how we haven't been consulted on this either.

KitchenSlut said...

Interesting comment in todays Australian from Arthur Sinodinos, formerly Chief of Staff and highly regarded political adviser to Entsch's hero, John Howard:

"Governments should stop treating the arts as a luxury or entertainment and more as economic activities. Such industries are a magnet for talented people from across the world. They are integral to creating vibrant businesses and communities with global reach."

Maybe rugnut should line him up for an interview?

athena said...

Unfortunately KitchenSlut, Mackenzie is a true philistine with scant knowledge of the arts. He could not conduct any interview on arts.