4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News

4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

29 March 2011


The broadcast rating previews released to the station owners last week have led Prime Media, owners of 4CA, to chop an hour of hysterical and racist ranting from John MacKenzie's show, effective immediately. 1 Down, 3 to go.

Sure we get an hour of another bald, closeted homo, but at least he's not trying to fuck up OUR community and has the good sense to not wear some K-Mart hairpiece!


Bus. Op. said...

Oh Christ, not Alan Jones as well. I wonder how long he will take to incite the local hillbillys here into a Cronulla type riot against the "Muslims" or the "abos". There's enough hatred out in hillbilly land as it is now without having yet ANOTHER hate mongerer join the local forces of Mackenzie, King and Bolt. God only knows how all of this is going to end up but I predict it won't be pretty.

Bernie W. said...

Ohhhh I say, I say, Gavin's found himself another svengali and all to himself too.

Thommo said...

It's all going to be one great big bloody hatefest. Hatin' them reffos, abos, greenies, tree huggers, Muslims, women, people in public housing, Laborites, culture buffs. Anyone I've left out or more to the point is there anyone left to like?

athena said...

Another master of "wedge issues" to carve up and inflame the local hillbillys. Heard some hillbillyette the other day comment after sucking up Andrew Bolt's column, "Ohh THEY say nuclear reactors are safe and that you know it's all bullshit what is happening in Japan."

athena said...

Jones, Mackenzie and King will all work in tandem, targetting greenies, muslims, refugees, the gay community, unions, the unemployed, aboriginal people, and all political parties outside the Liberal National Party. Yeah, it will be really interesting to see what they can do here, turning one group against another group.

Bus. Op. said...

I recall Jones launching a bellicose attack on the "greenies" accusing them for most of the devastation caused by the Victorian bush fires. When one of the fire volunteers from the town of Marysville who had huddled in the town sporting field phoned his program to say that he and others had watched as hundreds of huge fiery embers fell from the sky onto the town and setting buildings alight, Jones shut up.
Obviously the power of wind in spreading bush fires had never occurred to the half-wit.