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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

14 March 2011


Udo Jattke and his Glencorp development company (here shown looking for his Ferrari in front of his eyesore headquarters that has disgraced the Cairns CBD for years) finally have seen their corrupt enterprise collapse in a shitpile. In it they join Tom Hedley, crapmaster extraordinaire, CMC with one director currently under criminal charge, and all soon to be joined by CEC.

Rugnut Mackenzie spent his first hour today looking for excuses as to why his Glencorp, a former advertiser, would have gone belly up. Keep in mind Glencorp is so important to Macca's pocket that he engaged in "Cash for Comment" on behalf of Jattke - a charge that ACMA found John Mackenzie guilty of in 2009.

The fact is Glencorp has gone under for essentially the same reasons as the others. They've been building crap in Cairns for years, bags of crap that they have now been stuck holding in the downturn.

In Jattke's case, he's taken the Hedley "Towers of Crap" apartment project to the next level, jamming multiple ghetto towers together around a swimming pool and calling the whole shebang "resort living". These projects get no ventilation (which then require lower income residents to run high-priced air conditioning), no natural light (ditto), and are surrounded by car parks where hooning goes wild. And socially, with so many people stacked like piles of cordwood, the "resort living" lifestyle is the sound of children screaming, spouses fighting, and all the other ills found in ghetto projects around the world.

And at least one of Jattke's projects is home to a multitude of Mainland Chinese hookers. These prostitutes, with advertisements that line the classifieds in the Cairns Post, masquerade as "Japanese" or "Asian" when in fact they're Chinese girls who've entered Australia on fraudulent student visas. Despite being warned of this, the DIMA and Queensland Police see little value in stopping the human sex trafficking from China. At least Chinese whores like Jattke's buildings!

Jattke's accommodation provided at his "Wild Animal Park" is sadly more humane than what he's provided residents at his "resort living" projects. And oddly the public seems more concerned about the fate of his exotic animals at the park more than the regular animals being housed at Clifton Village and Shitty Waters.

All of these now-failed developers were able to survive only due to the benevolence of "Fuck 'em All" Kevin Byrne, who famously spouted this statement to residents at Clifton Beach when attending a forum for mayoral candidates.

When CEC fails, the deck will be cleared in Cairns for a new generation of developers who actually respect the environment, build properly designed projects that the public wants to buy, without needing the crooked hand of the political machine to jam projects down the public throat.

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