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18 March 2011


Rugnut John MacKenzie spent the first hour of his program ginning up the audience with attacks on the "Val-cano", and the Cairns Regional Council's planning for the cultural precinct. He attacked council's consultant report that 86% of residents are in favour of the project as misleading "spin doctoring", and then implored his usual 30 or so callers to call in to talk to Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane during the 10 AM hour.

And call in they did as ordered by their Dark Master, the El Diablo of Cairns radio. And with their calls they were revealing the real organised spin doctoring that the Rugnut Hillbillies are now winding up for next week.

And once again Margaret Cochrane did her part, letting caller after caller tell lie after lie about what "they've heard" about the project without setting one of them straight. One caller claimed that the cultural precinct was going to be built by Bengladeshi dwarves imported on slave ships, and Cochrane agreed wholeheartedly. It was at this point that even the most drunken listener could discern that the "fix is in" with Cochrane waving the whip having made John MacKenzie her own personal media bitch.

The callers? Without them Macca wouldn't have a show, they're on so often they must have offices there. Raj, the self-appointed "fact gatherer", then there's Pearl in Wangetti who believes that all council services should be free. Then "Brigadier General" in East Trinity, who's always good for an off-colour joke and jarhead 1950's views. Peter in Smithfield, who gives MacKenzie his usual audio blowjob. The whole crew called in on cue and repeated again the same tired mantra of the negative, drag Cairns into the past set. Ratbags all. Especially that Brigadier General clown.

Cochrane then finally dropped the pretense and said the project could still be stopped by a good turnout at the public meeting scheduled for next week. So despite the councilor Code of Conduct all agree with on assuming their office, Cochrane is now firmly opposed to any project going forward under the current Mayor, for blatantly political reasons.

The depth of ignorance about the Cultural Precinct project - a project first begun under former Mayor Byrne - is now being used in all-out warfare on the council. Cochrane is now the self-appointed leader of the deadbeat pensioner in Cairns, who want to pay for nothing besides footy fields. And Cochrane's decided to play dirty. Encourage the lies. Disrespect the Mayor. Denigrate the arts. Side with the stupid and lazy. Put every hard decision to the voters by "referendum" instead of doing your job as elected officials. And let the biggest racist in Cairns set the agenda with his microphone.

It's a cynical and negative strategy where no one wins.


Business Operator said...

I state that I did not listen to the Mackenzie program you have referred to, so do not know what Cr. Cochrane said. Certainly on one of Gavin King's web chats, Cr. Cochrane indicated support for extending the current Convention Centre, which is, of course part of the planned Cairns Cultural Precinct development. The upgraded convention centre can then "tap into" and use the Performing Arts Centre for extra space, if need be. Most of the hoi polloi in Cairns agree that the Convention Centre needs upgrading and that we should be encouraging bigger conventions. Bigger, prestigious conventions mean more $$$$$$ for Cairns.
What I find astonishing is that no Councillor, not just Cr. Cochrane, has not phoned Mackenzie and given him a damned good serve on air, not only for his unprecedented interference in Council matters, but his obvious attempts to undermine Council by the age old method of "divide and conquer".
Frankly, I would have expected Councillors who have integrity and principles to have stood up to the bullying, abuse, manipulation and divisive rancour Mackenzie is exerting on the Council.

Allison Alloway said...

Some of the sexist, ageist derogatory commentary provided by Mackenzie and King have washed off onto the other female Councillors. I've heard some shocking and utterly vile comments about Margaret Cochrane, Linda Cooper and Di Forsyth. Absolutely dreadful and sickening. Why oh why didn't they respond as DECENT, self-respecting women would have done when the sexist mocking and jeering started? Why didn't they stand up and swiftly counter this type of public pillorying of female representatives? Mackenzie and King have well and truly opened the door on that hideous prejudice, misogynsim, and to see it washing down over our elected female representatives is just horrendous.
I will put my name to this, unlike some of the other "anonymous" posters here, because those Councillors need to know this.

Charlotte said...

Business operator and Alison you make it sound as if it's easy to get on the show and refute the personal attacks, the lies and the inuendo. You need to realise that Mackenzie will no longer allow the progressive councillors like Di Forsyth on the show. he leaves her waiting or says the time has run out and only ever rings the conservative councillors for comment.

Alison Alloway said...

Thank you "Charlotte" for your explanation.
Rob Pyne was the first Councillor to guage that the "hate" campaign waged by Mackenzie and King in tandem, has washed over and tainted the entire Council. The relentless campaign by these two demanding "accountability" and "transparency" from the Council has now resulted in Council's decision-making being compromised. The planned purchase of the Red Hill land, is a classic example. The community responded by "blaming" the sale falling through on the Councillors, as per usual.

It is the female Councillors however, who are now bearing the most brunt of the community's contempt. Mackenzie and King have unleashed an ugly prejudice on an unsophisticated community.

Yes, I am aware the prejudice of misogynism has always been there, lurking beneath the veneer of modern civilities, however Mackenzie and King have scraped away at it, year after year, until it is now out there in the community as a rampant monster.

Some of the things being said about the female Councillors are just the worst type of vulgarities imagineable.

Our community has certain values including sexual values. We expect women to be treated with dignity and respect.

We expect our community leaders to maintain those values by standing up for what is right and decent.

Business Operator said...

Pyney was the first to assess the total damage done to the Council. Maybe he might survive the coming slaughter I dunno.
Misogynism was allowed out into the public with all that old woman bashing, ie "greyhaired Aunty Val" years ago. Yeah, its running amok now having gathered traction with Anna and Julia Gillard. As for wanting the women councillors to "do something". Christ, don't make me laugh.

CBD Warrior said...

The MacKenzie programme today (Monday) was even worse than Friday. Some woman calls in and says, twice to old Rugnut that the only ones that want a Cultural Precinct are "Val's Queer Brigade" in town. Got a big laugh from Rugnut.

So now it's not just misogyny being used by the opponents of this project, but vilification based on sexual preference. Aren't all of these illegal?

Alison Alloway said...

Well CBD Warrior, in the early 1970s when the community were raging against the building of the first Cairns Civic Theatre, I was sitting at home listening to the radio when this fellow called up to express his opposition to the new theatre. I still recall exactly what he said:-

"Yairs..this new bloody theatre thing what the Council wants to build with our money...it's only gunna be for all them pervs so they can watch all them poofs wearing them stocking things at the ballaaaaay."


Alison Alloway said...

The ugly prejudice of misogynism was allowed into the pubic arena, as you said, Business Op. years ago with the "grey haired Aunty Val" taunts about ageing women.

Disrespect is a precursor of hate.
Hate is a powerful and irrational emotion, deaf to logic and reasoning.
Here in Cairns, we have never witnessed such a "hate" campaign. It is unprecedented. So I guess how could we know how to respond to it? How to deal with it?
I can observe myself that the "hate" campaign originally targetted against one person, has blossomed and grown bigger. The spit-ball gobbed at Val Schier by King and Mackenzie has turned into a freakish oyster of phlegmy catarrh smeared all over the entire Council.
"Hate" is unpredictable and can turn direction with frightening speed. Maybe both Anna and Julia have something to do with it. I don't know for certain. What I do know is that the women Councillors who front up to the public podium are now the focus of the oyster.

Bus. Op. said...

Prescient, as usual Alison. A hop, step and a jump ahead of everyone else. No doubt you saw The Compost "expose" on Di Forsyth?

Alison Alloway said...

I surely did, as I saw the slogans of "bitch" on national television right behind Tony Abbott last night.
What was completely unacceptable a few years ago is now openly paraded.
It doesn't take much prescience to see that the media will find some "sex" scandal next to demonise a female figure in public office.
Speaking of which it might be opportune to remind women with a public profile of a wise saying:-
"She who sups with the devil should have a long spoon."