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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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19 April 2011


The same handful of callers to John "Rugnut" Mackenzie's radio programme are repeated day in and day out. Without these dozen callers, there would be no show. This is evident in 4CA's decision to cut an hour of Rugnut's broadcast time recently. Even this "dedicated dozen" can't and won't call in twice a day.

The Hillbilly Watch is going to profile these frequent callers over the next few weeks. Let's get to know some of these jerks, shall we?


Taking her nom de plume from a piece of cheap crappy costume jewelry, Pearl's real name is Karin Pollard. She's well-known as a nut-job to her Wangetti neighbours, and in fact was also at odds with the previous Douglas Shire Council who often banned her from Council meetings.

She fancies herself a poet, and writes new lyrics to tired old songs attacking her perceived enemies. No lie is too big for Karin Pollard to tell about the Cairns Mayor and council - she's so misogynist, many believe she's actually a man in drag.

On today's Rugnut programme, she started out by announcing that she had "discovered" a secret, unpublished council meeting to discuss the Entertainment Precinct is being held at Council Chambers. . .TOMORROW.

Apparently like all MacKenzie Hillbillies, Karin Pollard can't read. Not a lick. Not even that big "STOP SIGN" at the end of her street. 'Cause if she could read, she would have seen the big page of "Cairns Entertainment Precinct Committee" meetings on the Cairns Council website, where it's been for almost two months now. This website shows ALL the "secret" meetings being held by Council from now until the end of 2011. These meetings are "secret" only in the sense that people like Karin Pollard, stupid as a bag of hammers, are too ignorant to locate the listing of public meetings being held by council.

And true to form, Rugnut Mackenzie agreed that this meeting must be "secret", and then asked Karin Pollard for a report on what happened at the last "secret" meeting. The witch from Wangetti gave her sick twisted view of the project, and then said the only true thing all day: Karin Pollard represents the "vocal minority". Not the mainstream, NORMAL Cairns residents!

Karin "Pearl from Wangetti" Pollard.
Our Hillbilly of the Day!


Pteropus said...

As a non listener to AM radio I don't know these callers (lucky me), but I would bet even money that they would be closely related to the wing nuts that comment in the letters and online sections of The Cairns Post. I look forward to your future postings revealing more of Pearl from Wangetti's 'mates'.

athena said...

I don't feel too comfortable with your exposing the identities of these callers. I recall not long after Val Schier was elected as Mayor and Mackenzie started his hate campaign, that a young woman with speech problems phoned in, and the conversation was so alarming, it stayed with me. This is how it went:-

Mackenzie: "Ive never never seen so much HATRED out there. People are saying How could we get it so wrong. I mean, they hate, they really HATE."
Female Caller: "Ooooh, I HATE her ayyy, I hates her ayyy. You know, like, I hates her, I really hates her ayyy. I dunno whys but I just hates and hates and hates her.

Mackenzie: "You're not the only one!"
Female Caller: "I dunno but I never hated no-one like this before ay. I hates her, I jes hates her. I really really hates her!"

I can't recall the female callers name, but the impression I got was that of someone with a psychiatric disorder being deliberately incited by Mackenzie. It chilled me to the bone.
Be careful!