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27 May 2011


Cueball MacKenzie ginned up the "polling machine" today along with his mate, the walking canine excrement, Gavin King. Callers were asked for their mayoral choice for the Cairns Regional Council - with an election still ten months away.

The 202 aging listeners to this programme all called in, giving Kevin Byrne 72% of their vote. They also voted to bring back dirt roads, close JCU, stop foreigners from entering Cairns, and the Kevin Byrne favourite - ship all the aboriginals back to their "communities" by rocket sled.

We note that Byrne polled over 80% the week prior to the last council election in this same MacKenzie phone poll. Such is the cross-section being polled by the hillbilly hour - garbage in, garbage out.

Kevin Byrne is singularly responsible for the erection of the numerous prison tower apartments around the town, the shady dealing on the Harbour Lights site, the approval of ghetto apartment projects in Trinity Beach, Clifton Beach, and other areas, along with public housing projects in Trinity Park and Palm Cove. The collapse of CMC, Glencorp, Hedley, and CEC were directly caused by the unchecked developer greed fostered by Kevin Byrne and his "team of yes men". Byrne also purchased an inadequate site for the Entertainment Precinct without any public consultation, conveniently adjacent to the Capital Globe high rise project in Sheridan Street. He was then awarded a directorship with Capital Globe, a company now bankrupt after the assassination of his fellow directors under mysterious circumstances. A situation still unexplained by Byrne to date.

Byrne also gave Cairns the famous "Avenue A Pizza", direct from New York. Except there is no "Avenue A Pizza" in New York, it's a complete fraud. Mercifully now closed as well.

The community "insiders", noting Byrne has done nothing to assist the community during the Cairns economic downturn, have described his employment in PNG as "hiding out" from the Pakistani assassins who were never caught. Many have said Byrne has been looking over his shoulder for years.

Kevin Byrne back?
In your dreams, hillbillies!


Tony Hillier said...

More's the pity Barfly's not still around. I suspect Hillbillywatch is only read by the converted. Mr & Mrs M (i.e. Manunda, Mooroobool etc) need to be exposed to the posts on this blog. Editor-for-hire or whatever his title is, King Rat is hardly likely to expose it in the Compost, is he now?

Anonymous said...

More's the pity Barfly isn't around any more. Methinks, HBW is only read by the converted. Mr & Mrs M (Manunda, Mooroobool etc, etc) need to be exposed to this stuff. Mr Editor-For-Hire, King Rat or whatever his name is, is hardly likely to cover it in the Compost, is he now? What's to become of poor old Cairns????

Terry Vance said...

You gotta give Mackenzie credit. He hasn't ever wavered from his crusade to get his good ole mate back into the Mayors Office.

KitchenSlut said...


The Capital Globe website is still operational. However, there are two businesses which have entirely disappeared. One is the rustbucket Asian shipping division. The other is the investment operation out of offices in Islamabad and Karachi via Swiss bank accounts. Funny that.

athena said...

It is more than just a personal crusade to restore a good mate to his old seat, Terry Vance. No-one could be as obsessional as Mackenzie just for the sake of a friendship. No, there is another objective here.

Mick of the Mooroobool said...

Strange how Mackenzie's hair doesn't appear to be growing back at all after his supposed shave - not even a 7 o'clock shadow! Maybe he'll start wearing a Molly Meldrum hat until one day voila! the trusted rug will reappear?

Bob R. said...

For what it is worth, everyone I talk with doesn't want Byrne back. They all make comments like, "He's had his day."