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22 May 2011


In another stunning reversal, Warren "Adolf" Entsch (shown here) has dropped his opposition to the waterfront siting of the Cairns Entertainment Precinct, and is only now voicing concern about the cost. This concern is frankly irrelevant - the community is demanding an up-to-date, world-class facility and it will cost what it costs.

The Gavin King-penned story in the Cairns Post is headlined "Warren Entsch urges compromise on entertainment precinct", although it's never revealed in the story *what* the compromise might be, and with whom. Entsch as LNP Federal Member has never had any say in the matter, despite his windbag attempts to derail the project. King to this date has never pointed out the Entsch links to the CEC bankruptcy - Entsch was chairman of the now failed firm during the period when entitlements like superannuation and government withholding was not being paid, and the required statement of interests filed by Entsch with Parliament still show him as holding a CEC "consultancy".

Why is King and the Cairns Post continuing to protect Entsch from investigation, and community scrutiny in this collapse?

This reversal by Entsch comes after repeated appearances on the Cueball MacKenzie show where "Wazza" was ginned up to attack the Mayor and Cairns Council on this project. His alternative? Another barely-used sports facility for a team we don't have. As the "naysayer and knocker" elements in the community have heard about the stunning backdown by Entsch, their hillbilly member of Parliament, the expletives will be thick and fast this week on the Hillbilly Hour, fair dinkum. What they don't realise is that Entsch is now in panic mode, as his roles at the now-bankrupt CEC Group (CEG) come under increasing scrutiny by the ACCC, ASX, and Labor Party investigators.

Several associates of Entsch paid media advisor Danae Jones have reported being interviewed by Labor Party investigators just this last week, on the "In Touch" bankruptcy and Entsch website fiasco.

Despite over ten years as the Leichhardt member with John Howard in government, Entsch was wholly ineffective in attracting infrastructure (Bruce Highway) investments, nor any investments in work alternatives other than tourism. His return to the job in opposition has been even more worthless, with him now flip-flopping around like a speared dugong on this project, and his seedy attempts to get government money for the Chinese purchasers of the run-down Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas.


Terry Vance said...

Grandstanding, posturing, back-flipping, all designed to gain maximum media exposure for himself.
He's put Val Schier and the Council through hell, left his old mate Mackenzie high and dry and looking like a right dickhead, and led the electors down the garden path and back. Finally had Entsch initially supported the concept of the Cultural Precinct, it may have been under construction by this, by, who knows, good ole CEC. What a bloody lot of noisy stuffing around before he makes up his mind.

athena said...

King and Mackenzie will cover up for Entsch no sweat. Anyway King and Mackenzie have just been delivered up another female ALP hopeful to decapitate and eviscerate. They will be gleefully engrossed in their favorite pastime for the next few weeks.

Terry Vance said...

I couldn't help but notice the way that King deliberately slanted the news item, ie "Entsch OFFERS Schier an Olive Branch".....
How would King have written it, if the gender roles were reversed?
Let's see:

by Gavin King

Wanda Entsch, the Federal Member for Leichhardt has changed her mind again. This should come as no surprise to the electors of Leichhardt who have watched "wobbling Wanda" wobble back and forth on several issues like a headless chook since she was elected. This time, in another one of her spontaneous about turns, she says she now supports the Cultural Precinct. Ms Entsch has been a major critic of the project which Mayor Vinnie Schier proposed as part of his visionary Council election strategy.
As part of her ongoing dithering to and fro on the issue, Ms Entsch has said at various times as she changes her mind over and over that the precinct money should be used for shovel ready projects like a football stadium. Then Ms Entsch wanted to send the money to a developer in Port Douglas. Ms Entsch also doesn't seem to know if she wants a "square" or a "rectangular" football stadium.

Mayor Schier being the generous, diplomatic man he is, has graciously accepted Ms Entsch's support." ENFIN

It is just so easy to put a spin into journalism and the spin from Gavin King is all towards Entsch at every opportunity.

CBD Warrior said...

What's the difference between the Goodyear blimp and Warren Entsch?

One is a big bag of hot air. The other is just a dirigible.