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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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30 May 2011


In a letter today to the Cairns Post, frequent 4CA hillbilly caller Elvis Ashwell was then tee'd up to spout his adulation of Townsville compared to Cairns on the MacKenzie show this AM. Usually, Elvis is busy comparing the use of fluoride with Nazi Germany - such is the depth of his intellect. Elvis has one issue that makes sense (even a broken clock is right twice a day) - the dredging of the Cairns Port and channel so that the growing cruise ship business can use the port instead of parking the biggest and most lucrative at Yorkey's Knob.

Clearly Cairns is underresourced by the state and federal governments. But given the poor organisation shown by the Chamber of Commerce, Advance Cairns, and the myriad of other quasi-governmental groups, it's really no wonder the southern politicians throw their hands up in disgust with Cairns. They are good at organising the almost constant "award dinners" for business. With 180 empty shopfronts in Cairns, and four building companies with executives so stupid and greedy they failed during a little slowdown, the lack of intelligence and leadership in our community is toxic.

Elvis compared Townsville Ports with Cairns, and the recent investment in a new 120 HA expansion of the Townsville port. The MacKenzie response? Continual bitching and kvetching about the loss of 2 unusable port acres in the Cairns CBD for the Entertainment Precinct. Big thinkers in Townsville, small and nonsensical thinkers in Cairns. No wonder they get the investment!

The Cairns Airport is also a case in point. The airport owners have tabled terrific expansion plans - - more area set aside for general aviation in a more centrally-located site, upgrades to passenger terminals, and overall growth in the airport. Ol' cueball's response? Get the knockers and naysayers to bitch and kvetch about the change in western airport land to needed commercial use, "big box" shopping like Aldi and Costco, and airport office park and hotel facilities. No big thinkers around the airport, either.

And now word around the town is that Cairns Airport has warned 4CA and MacKenzie. "Continued attacks on the airport company will result in all advertising pulled from 4CA". No wonder John MacKenzie has now cut off the comments on the airport!

We should stop wanting to be Townsville, and embrace being Cairns. There is plenty of room for green business. Our internet design and support community is well-known internationally, and yet Warren Entsch goes to Brisbane for a simple website. With over 335 "flying days" per year, we should be expanding the training of pilots and other aviation professionals. Almost every big international movie shot in Australia has used Cairns for at least part of their filming, and yet professionals in the community can't get the time of day from leaders and instead continue their "fly in-fly out" media business. We've got plenty of opportunities staring us in the face, and yet Advance Cairns wishes we were Townsville!


hieronymus bosch said...

nicely said hillbilly

apparently we have the second biggest chamber of commerce in australia, but it's so obviously a case of quantity over quality

then we have the joke of advance cairns and ttnq whose only 'solution' is to give them more money to waste on wacky junkets, etc

Bazza said...

I don't recall ever hearing from elvis or mckenzie that the cruise ships that don't come into port in cairns also don't go into port in townsville. I had a coversation with a passenger recently who was from sydney and she informed me that the only port they enter is brisbane and this is the way the trip is sold and all purchasers are aware that they be will tendered everywhere else. Their rants are never fully explained and are done to try and damage the labor image. I say encourage the smaller ships to enter the port then we won't have to spend heaps of dollars to do the channel or swing basin and maintain as much of the natural aspect we have.

Bus. Op. said...

How much would dredging the channel cost? What about the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and its regulations regarding pollution on the barrier reef? Who pays the fines if the silt does damage the reef? Note how Mackenzie never talks about these issues.