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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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03 May 2011


Cairns' resident media attack dog went feral last week in his thinly disguised attacks on ATSI residents of the region. An attack on two teenage girls in the CBD last week raised his ire, with Rugnut bellowing "we've got to get these people off the street so decent people can walk around", and then getting on the phone the poor crying mother of one of these girls claiming "they're good girls and didn't do anything wrong".

On Thursday MacKenzie then got Sergeant Cary Coolican from the Cairns Police to discuss the crime. In his introduction to Coolican, Mackenzie made clear his thoughts - he called this a "racial crime". However Coolican, who was clearly flustered at this intro, made clear on Seven News that the police had determined the crime was neither random nor racial. Apparently a carry-on from an argument earlier at another location. Probably the only "cause" was too much alcohol, but MacKenzie never let an Aussie piss-up get in the way of a good story.

This all occurs just a couple weeks after 21 year old Erica Liddy was assaulted, left unconscious along the side of the road in Freshwater, and subsequently died of the assault. Mackenzie has devoted virtually no time in discussing this non-CBD attack, has done nothing to assist the police in their investigation of this crime, and in fact has virtually ignored it. Even the most gullible in Cairns know full well that Ms. Liddy's skin complexion and heritage are the cause for MacKenzie's disinterest in this murder.

A staffer at 4CA writing to the blog notes that MacKenzie turned his program into "Find the Killer" when it was a Japanese tourist Michiko Okuyama. When the Okuyama murder occurred, Radio 846 couldn't stop talking about the poor 21 year old Japanese girl - the same age as ERica Liddy. MacKenzie's racist views as communicated to us by 4CA staff are said to conclude "why bother with any aboriginal murder; they're drunk and that's what they do to each other".

On Friday, inspired by another story of an attack near Cairns Central, Rugnut got one of the "victims" to tell his (side) of the story. During the re-telling, MacKenzie allowed the teen to use the word "fuck" twice in describing the aboriginal attackers, with no attempt to use the required "kill switch". Once you've stirred up the wackjob elements in the community, I guess it's better to keep them stirred up. John MacKenzie is doing his part.

Clearly there is alcohol-fueled youth crime in the Cairns CBD, which the police seem unwilling to address. It's counterproductive for 4CA to be using their loudmouth to make racial attacks under the guise of "crime fighting". It's easy to stir up racial animus among a few dozen hillbilles who share this destructive view. It's a lot harder to actually put forward positive solutions. The continued racial vilification in the name of crime fighting is actually making the whole job more difficult, not easier. Once again, MacKenzie drags Cairns backward!

Once again, John MacKenzie proves to be part of the problem.


Bus. Op.. said...

Mackenzie has been at this ATSI bashing for DECADES. I repeat, for decades. Not once, not ONCE on his program has he EVER had young ATSI kids talking about the problems they face, how they feel etc. So the tension builds up, year after year.

ex POM resident said...

Quote taken from a police officer in the Cairns Post.

"The undeniable reality, rarely if ever acknowledged publicly by authorities, is that most of these children are of Aboriginal, Torres Strait or Pacific Islander descent."
Looks like your blog is unwilling to acknowledge this also.

Lainey Danson said...

Well I'm afraid I agree with getting " these people off the street so decent people can walk around". -especially busy tourist populated streets. Yesterday in the CBD I observed a clearly intoxicated person of indeginous appearance staggering up and down the footpath on Abbott Street yelling at the numerous tourists emerging from shops near Woolworths to "f**k off you c***ts". (Much to everyone's disgust and disappointment .According to shopkeepers on the street this is not an isolated occurance. I'm sure every resident of the area has a similar (or worse) tale to tell. How the heck is Cairns going to shake the 'hick' town tag when this is the reception we give to visitors? This is not a new problem.I'll bet there have been many programs and initiatives that have been put in place and have been failing for years to make a difference to the dirty camps, violence and alcohol and drug abuse among indeginous people .Honestly what powers do we or the local law enforcers have in these instances ?? 'Obviously next to none.

D.J.HUNT said...

People just don't get it. It's not a racial issue, it's a CRIMINAL issue. This behaviour is not limited to one group, suburb or race.
Take that stupid arguement out of the mix and we might be able to address the crime issues

Frank said...

Oh, shock horror, Lainey! That TOURISTS might observe some of our social issues first-hand. Surely it's better to sweep these issues under the carpet, separate the tourists from the locals (especially ATSI locals), and present our city in a sanitised way! We wouldn't want white Australians' appalling record of mistreating the First Australians to stop us "decent people" from getting on with running our businesses, now would we? After all, it's not OUR fault, so why should we be part of the solution?