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19 May 2011


In a stunningly bigoted interview this morning, John MacKenzie continued his attacks against Aboriginal and TS Islanders with the apparent assistance of Cairns Police Superintendent Russell Rhodes this morning.

Under the guise of discussing "crime fighting" in the Cairns CBD, Ratbag criticised police for their failure to remove "itinerants", "drunks", and other code words for our ATSI brothers and sisters. Russell Rhodes attempted the usual police excuses: "balancing" their calls for assistance to determine which are important (to them), and "police lost from service due to paperwork". All clearly indicative of profound lack of resources and personnel in the Cairns district. And nothing any rising-Police management will ever admit in fear of their careers. But that's small potatoes.

Then in a discussion of the CBD cameras, Superintendent Rhodes confirmed again that the cameras are monitored 24/7. It was then that MacKenzie proposed the most amazing of solutions. He said: "why don't we round them up and get them out of town when they first show up on the cameras?" Russell Rhodes stunningly did not disagree, and suggested this was a good example of "proactive policing".

So the "Final Solution" Part I has come to Cairns at last. MacKenzie and compliant Police instruct the camera monitors about what kind of people are unacceptable in our CBD, and when they are spotted entering camera range, they're to immediately be "rounded up" and "sent out of town". Comments of this kind are often made by MacKenzie; the community is inured to his racist diatribes and his psychotic views heard by only a hillbilly few. However for a police official not to immediately recognise that "rounding up" people for how they look is absurd and frightening in the extreme, and a violation of basic human rights. Russell Rhodes owes the Cairns community an explanation and apology for participating in this aural nonsense.

A wall and guard towers are next.

Blog readers also note that while the Cairns Post is promoting pictures of ol' Rugnut "shaving his head" for charity, once again the ComPost and Gavin King are caught lying. As most know, MacKenzie is bald as a cue ball and has, driven by obsessive vanity, for years worn a sad looking rodent purchased from a taxidermy shop in place of real hair. Another ComPost deception, sadly for the community. We've always had, and displayed, the first picture of ol' Rugnut in his naked truth.


Bazza said...

The lnp fund raisers are in town, first shave mckenzie lift his profile, invite another polished radio jock into town, pay dollars to a dinner to listen to his biased and ill advised crap, send him to Mareeba for broadcast to suck money from the locals.
Then we have the launch of the 3 amigos reps for 'chambers of freeloaders' put together by warren entsch as he stated some months ago, but since denied being involved as they are not political, who are you trying to fool wazza.
My advice to all 3 is,don't bother wasting yours and donators dollars on running for mayor, because when the truth is known it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

I'd say "wazza" would be laughing his ugly head off at the moment the way The Cairns Post is totally ignoring his role in CEC.