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11 May 2011


While many in the community welcomed Warren Entsch's return as MP for the seat of Leichhardt, viewing "What, Me Worry" Jim Turnour with disdain for his non-performance, Entsch is proving to be even worse then Turnour on this go-around. Some in the community flatly view him now as deranged - he drifts from one issue to another with no clarity and no understanding of the facts. He clearly doesn't have a clue.

This morning he again was invited by Rugnut MacKenzie to launch into another diatribe against Cairns councillor Diane Forsyth. Forsyth has been for over 20 years a stalwart in the fight against alcohol and drug addiction in the community, and ran the Lyons House program for almost 11 years prior to being elected councillor with the CairnsFirst team at the last election. Forsyth is a seasoned professional in this vital health care field - vital especially for Cairns when you consider our alcohol addiction rates are double the rest of Queensland, drink driving lawbreakers triple the Australian average, and drug addiction rampant in sectors of our community.

Entsch has however decided to go feral on Diane, for what misogynist reason it's hard to fathom. Lyons House clearly has issues in their operation, having let go two senior staff who were said to be non-compliant with government reporting requirements. However Forsyth, who stepped down as director after 12 trouble-free years, is now only secretary to the management committee. And yet Entsch has let loose on her, referring to the committee as "Di Forsyth and her mob", and defames Forsyth by claiming she leads a group of "unprofessional people with no qualifications".

Warren, are you insane?

Apparently, with the "Stench around Entsch" building for his growing list of misdeeds, he's trying the old political "mis-direction" strategy. And Entsch has a lot to answer for. Let's start with his knowledge of the now bankrupt CEC Group (CEG) and their "trading while insolvent" when he was a director. And his continuing paid role with CEC Group, vaguely listed in his parliamentary disclosure as "Civil Construction Consultancy". Entsch is neck-deep in this Roy Lavis debacle, the stench of which is just beginning to unfold. With CEC clearly in massive trouble for over two years, with Entsch on the management committee as paid director, how much did he know about local tradies being unpaid by this crooked company for all this time?? Far more serious allegations than his Mickey Mouse attack against the secretary of a volunteer mental health organisation now, aren't they?

Then there's Warren's employment of bankrupt Danae Jones, who's bankrupt company used trickery and deception to hide assets from the dozens of media professionals in Cairns who her company dudded. Then there's his continued attacks about "not using local companies" while he's spent thousands in our tax money having his website designed by a Brisbane company - and then telling bald-faced lies about it! All reported in detail on the CairnsBlog.

So Entsch has decided that going after one of the highest integrity woman politicians in the community is a smart play?

Warren, are you insane?

As this scandal unfolds, the only one going down is the member for Leichhardt. The Entsch Stench is now overwhelming and growing everyday.


Anonymous said...

This isn't just a banking issue as Lavis is trying to spin it in the ComPost. All these failed companies borrowed heavily to "corner the land market" which has driven up home prices unnecessarily. They corrupted the market, driven only by greed. They want us to be loyal to local companies while the local companies damage the community.

And Warren Entsch's role in this collapse needs investigation. He's still out there spinning lies to protect himself and who knows how big an investment.

ex-Mareebaite said...

Entsch is creating a diversion from public focus on himself. Believe me, he learned to do this as a kid in Mareeba, and he has perfected it. He's also pretty well skilled in "blaming" everyone else for his own deficiencies.

Michael P Moore said...


By the way... yThe story from the Lib camp is that it was Entsch who put pressure on the good LNP candidate Craig Batchelor to move aside or he wouldn't get any local contracts for his Mareeba printing business!!!

AMzing shit

Gavin Gobshite said...

What the Compost is doing through its coverage is trying to divert attention from the culpability of and Stench.
While he was getting his 30 pieces of silver from the collapsing heap of dung, he was making sure that employees, subbies and suppliers were going to get nothing.

The compost is also trying to divert attention from the fact that those with their enormous snouts in the trough like Stench are going to be the big winners.

Sucker employees are offered the crumbs - which they have to pay for - while the spivs like Stench get to keep the millions of bucks worth of CEC land.

And Compost sleazebags like Gavin King and Nick Dalton are giving the details of all those who complain to them about being ripped off to Stench and his cronies!

The Compost will do anything to save Stench and his slimy mates - these sickos even support that other well-known political spiv Paul Freebody.

I wonder whether King and Dalton are getting cut into the CEC banruptcy action: Stench sure has enough dough for under-the-table payoffs.

He's been double-dipping for years. When he was supposed to be serving the people of Leichhardt as federal member up to November 2007 he was getting paid by CEC.

Now while he's again the member for Leichhardt he's getting paid by CEC.

This bloke is a serial crook, and he's being suppported by serial spinmeisters.

Bus. Op. said...

How much land does CEC still own?

Arthur said...

There's definitely some truth in claims that Mr Batchelor was pushed aside.

The story in Mareeba is that there was no room for him to think, speak or act in any individual way.

In other words, Mr Entsch and others in the LNP hierarchy were treating him like a puppet.

KitchenSlut said...


The google blogger gremlins from this week are still rampant it seems however this link from November 29, 2007 may be of interest. 3 months before the CEC share price fell off a cliff Roy says "I want to grow this business to a billion dollars very very quickly"

It was the bank what done it I tell ya!

Janice said...

What an unbelievable scum bag Entsch is - maligning good and honest people who do not want to leave a list of creditors unpaid, especially their staff so they volunatarily go into liquidation to ensure that doesn't happen. Unlike Danae Jones your employee. Own up to your own misdeamanours Wazza,especially in relation to CEC and stop bullying good honest community members.
Doesn't it say something that when two people from Lyons House were made redundant the agency needed to go into liquidation a month later, join the dots you waste of space.

Bus. Op. said...

I get the impression this is all an ugly diversion from Entsch's own role in the murky business of the demise of CEC.

Anonymous said...

The photo indicates that the CEC board was a disgrace Even more worrying is how could the Bank give Roy 80 MIllion dollars when the Company was only reporting profit based on Inventories The construction civil business unit has not created cash since the Company was floated and I suspect long before this CEC lived on royalties from PNQ and some land sales Even more disturbing is how nobody has mentioned Lavis salary of around 700 K for his efforts The sophisticated investors who subscribed to his claims deserve everything they get The real shame is the dilusional employees who want to follow Roy again WAKE UP As for the CBA BANK they should pay the unsecured creditors back as they funded the charade and did not want to bring it to account untill they had acceptable loss position The writing is on the wall ROY was a dill