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06 May 2011


The second in our series of Rugnut caller profiles, Raj Patel (Indian for "John Smith") is one of the most misguided of callers to the show. He spends hours on-line, looking for nuggets of information that he can use to attack the Mayor and Councillors of Cairns, and calls in to the John MacKenzie show almost daily. Sometimes twice a day. Relentless.

How, you ask, can a small businessman and Managing Director spend so much time on the 'net? Because his business, Snap Printing, is a complete bust. So much so, it's been up "for sale" for quite some time. This is the usual Cairns real estate agent trick by the way - take a broke, unviable business and put it "up for sale" to see if a new resident of Cairns will be stupid enough to buy it. Patel doesn't have the skills of a real, competent printer so he shows up at his office every day and trolls the internet for useless nuggets of nonsense.

Patel is often seen at the Centrelink office on Aplin Street, so it's clear why he has so much time on his hands. Another migrant sucking on the teat of generous Australian public welfare.

Patel can be counted on by Rugnut to bring spout new "facts" about the Cultural Precinct in his desire to derail it. Some of his "facts" include a 1000 seat theater built in Rockhampton for $25 mil - wondering why we can't have this kind of theater! Despite being told at a recent meeting that a $25 mil theater wouldn't have any stage space, nor dressing rooms, nor acoustics, nor sound system, he insists that "the ratepayers are getting gouged". And he rants endlessly about his idea that "the state" should pay more of the cost - conveniently forgetting that whether local, state, or federal money is used, IT'S ALL OURS, DICKHEAD. WHERE DO YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY COMES FROM?

And apparently Raj's "digging" hasn't yet uncovered an important fact - rates in Mackay, Gladstone, the Gold Coast, and Townsville are HIGHER than rates in Cairns, and Cairns Regional Council debt, per residemt, is among the lowest in Queensland and only 1/3 the debt being carried by the Townsville council. Amazing! (not!)

Challenged recently to "put up or shut up" by a Cultural Precinct supporter, he yammered and stammered and hung his head in shame before slinking out the door. It's sure is a lot easier attacking people on the radio, isn't it Raj? None of them pesky facts to get in your way, and Macca loves to have you on your knees servicing him as you do.

In short, Raj Patel is just what a $200,000,000 Entertainment Precinct DOESN'T need - business advice from a failed copy shop owner!

Finally, Patel starts yammering about the "entertainment centre" built in Mackay totally with state of Queensland money. He's right, the state built it. And he's wrong, it wasn't built as an "entertainment centre" but as a "convention centre". And like our convention centre in Cairns, both were paid for by the state government.

The "theater use" in Mackay is complete bullshit. It's got a partition running down the centre, so that it can be used as two separate meeting rooms. There was NO acoustical design and virtually no fly space, rigging, and other theater-specific equipment. In short, it is in NO WAY applicable to a comparison with the needs of a region three times the size of Mackay, and is actually LESS equipped then our current Civic Theater. It's a 1000 seat toilet.

Raj, you're an idiot.

Funnily, Macca was overheard recently at Villa Romana mocking Raj with his "fake Indian accent" routine, which he does often to peals of laughter - his own.

Raj Patel - the butt of John MacKenzie Indian jokes and little else! Our Rugnut wanker of the week!


Roy Fisher said...

I laughed til I pissed myself!

RobPyne said...

An Interesting 'Fact' for your readers - rates in Mackay are HIGHER than in Cairns!

Charlie said...

Raj got far too much exposure for his outburst to save Sugarworld. The CRC are spending $4.4million of our money to do so. Now Raj thinks he is a champion and MacKenzie loves idiots like him and needs idiots like him to make the MacKenzie Show. Now Raj thinks he is an expert on everything going on in our City and loves to express his misguided opinion on everything. MacKenzie is using him. I agree that Raj is a bloody idiot.

hieronymus bosch said...

it could be worse, imagine this peanut as a councillor

charlie.spencer66@yahoo.com said...

The News on the street at this minute is that Rugnut is going to shave his head sometime this coming week. I can' find out why he's doin this!!

Gavin Gobshite said...

Imagine this turkey being in charge of sugarworld: his own office is filthy dirty and disorganised, and he mistreated his staff - especially the young women graphic artists.

He's a horrid, dissembling little grub.

KitchenSlut said...

By the way, while minimum or average rates in Cairns may be lower, some rates in Cairns stretch to the highest in the land. Kitchenslut pays $4,500pa on a place barely likely to fetch $400k in a current sale. This has actually been stable for a few years now under the current council after massive increases under the previous Council.

KS was invited to give a presentation to the previous Council on rates when this was an issue several years ago. His presentation was the best received and subsequently the most ignored.

Following presentation he was immediately approached by then Council CEO David Farmer who congratulated him on the points made and acknowledged that he probably paid the highest rates in Australia relative to the market value of the property.

Rate increases for KS were around 40%pa in each of two successive years so basically doubled or so in two years.

This was under the regime of the previous Mayor, Major-General Third Degree Burns.

Bus. Op. said...

Thanks for sharing that KS. I have kept my rate notices for decades and yeah, our rates certainly rose dramatically during the periof of the Byrne Council. But funny thing, people conveniently forget that, I wonder why???

Anonymous said...

It's true, raj Patel is a total moron, I wouldn't trust him to run a bath let alone a business.