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20 May 2011


A constant theme on the Cueball MacKenzie show is his continual attack on community leaders for "lack of leadership". How can a "ratbag leader" be identified, according to his rules? It's anyone who's doing something he doesn't like. That apparently is the only criteria.

Just yesterday in the Cairns Post, the Guest Editorial was submitted by former Mayor Tom Pyne, who discusses the Entertainment Precinct plans of our current Mayor and Council, and compares it to previous large and controversial projects in the city.

In the last years of Pyne's Mayorality, he pushed hard, used his influence and political skills, to get a recalcitrant Council to approve and build what is now our Council Chamber and offices on Spence Street. Oh the hew and cry that came from the vocal minority! "Tom's Taj Mahal" it was called, (like "Val's Volcano", hillbilly jackasses love alliterative slogans), with in many cases the same "naysayers and knockers" attacking the badly-needed project. LED BY, AND GIVEN VOICE BY ONE CUEBALL JOHN MACKENZIE! The Cairns voice of "naysayers and knockers".

Tom Pyne, a leader, knew that the amalgamated council couldn't enter the 21st Century with offices spread all over the CBD, and he pressed on. Some of the "naysayers and knockers" were of course the same business thugs who saw their easy money and fat council leases coming to an end. The same kind of business thugs now attempting to disparage the waterfront site so that they can get their grubby little developer mitts on it. So that they can build another monstrosity like the Harbour Lights and maintain "oceanfront for the elite".

Compare the real leaders recognised in Tom Pyne's letter with MacKenzie's continued adulation and arse kissing (granted, not easy to miss) of Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane. This morning's Council hour featured MacKenzie-led attacks on the new bikeway - the size, the length, the width (all areas where MacKenzie has known deficiencies as well) despite the fact that little of the cost was paid by Cairns ratepayers. It has also generated vitally needed jobs during this difficult time. Nevertheless Cochrane gets roped into taking the MacKenzie line on this project, all the while forgetting one thing:


She reviewed the plan like every other councillor, and raised her hand when it came time to approve it. Is "selective amnesia" a quality trait for a community leader?

And this isn't the only amnesia Cochrane has displayed over the last few weeks.

The building of an Entertainment Centre?

The siting of the Entertainment Centre on the waterfront?

The closure of City Place and use of
Lake Street as the transport hub?

Essentially, Marg Cochrane gets on the Hillbilly hour, lets callers attack the Mayor and her fellow councillors, and never once admits that she has voted for all of these projects! That's what a female dog does, pisses all over her own house.

And now she's planning to run for Mayor? What kind of Mayor votes "aye" and then lets the others take the heat instead of defending her own vote? A spineless, gutless leader - Marg Cochrane.

Tom Pyne never ran away from his vote. Nor has our current Mayor Val Schier - she's out there on the front line defending the projects, the majority of the community who demand a modern, up-to-date theatre complex, and her leadership direction while Cochrane and a few other councillors run for cover. AFTER HAVING VOTED "AYE" FOR THESE PROJECTS, THE SAME AS THE MAYOR.

Tom Pyne. Val Schier. Real Leadership.

The rest of these spineless charlatans, who leave their leader twisting in the wind while refusing to take responsibility for their own votes? To hell with all of them!

Kudos for Tom Pyne (again) showing clearly the facts and, well, acting like a LEADER.


Bus. Op. said...

Well said. Cochrane et al are entirely self-serving individuals who are only concerned with their own importance and popularity in the eyes of the public. This makes them entirely unsuitable for public office.

Bus. Op. said...

Well said. Cochrane et al are entirely self-serving individuals who are only concerned with their own importance and popularity in the eyes of the public. This makes them entirely unsuitable for public office.

athena said...

It has been horribly fascinating to watch the orchestrated campaign against the Entertainment Precinct. That it was launched with bitter single-mindedness to force Val Schier to resign and run from Cairns in a flood of tears, so that one Kev Byrne could simply walk back into the Mayoral seat, is obvious. But Val showed backbone and leadership and held on. So Mackenzie continued with his assault against Val and the Entertainment Precinct. The phrase "monument to an ego" which Mackenzie coined defines just what his campaign is about.

KitchenSlut said...

A good post, but my only small doubt is with that bike path. I don't question the bike strategy for the inner city, but .... not sure that path was the best option and politically it was obvious (as some previously posted at Cairnsblog) that this would come back to bite them on the bum!

Potentially lots of negative photo ops to come on that and speaking as someone who lives on the bike path route.

However Athena, I must apologise, in Abbott St today I had Kevin Byrne as a clear target jay walking over the road near Woolies in front of the Kitchenslutmobile ..... but missed!

Kitchenslut aplogises to the community of Cairns for failing to appropriately accelerate! However KB's gut has got so big, even absent the regular freebies at Villa, that a physical altercation may not have been fully covered by Kitchensluts insurance policy.

I'm Sorry!

Terry Vance said...

My character "Colonel Cush" the next "Mayor" of the Cairns Regional Council, is an ex army sociopath, vile misognist, xenophobic racist and homophobe, and as corrupt as a Pakistani general, and was created after listening to Mackenzie's bellicose rants about "strong leadership". While my blog "Cush over Cairns" is entirely fictitious and the product of my imagination, and I write laughing at the antics of my characters, there are times when I write with a sense of unease that we really could see such a Mayor and Council voted into office. It isn't beyond the realm of possibilities and "Cush over Cairns" intended simply as a comical satire, becomes a nightmarish reality.

Terry Vance "Cush over Cairns"

hieronymus bosch said...

She's pretty old. Could be dead by next March.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, from grey haired Aunty Val to grey haired Aunty Margy.

Chuckie said...

Hillbilly, I'm an avid fan but hv to pull u up on yr rose-coloured walk down memory lane about life in Cairns under the reign of fmr mayor Tom Pyne.
You could be forgiven for being nostalgic about the absence of Uncle Tom from the political landscape – life was certainly never dull in those days! But you are wrong to dismiss the legitimate concerns of many Cairns ratepayers about whether the purchase of the new greenfields site for the council chambers was strategically or financially prudent.
It was controversial because of:
a) the hefty, multi-million price tag on a block of previously contaminated land in the mainly industrial area of Portsmith;
b) lack of due process and transparency surrounding the transaction, as alleged by fellow councillors; and (perhaps ironically)
c) Pyne’s alleged close connection to the company which owned the land, Cairns Earthmoving Contractors, or CEC as it was to become known.
Pyne’s dogged determination to push ahead should not be mistaken for that of a visionary but a man who was used to getting his own way and to hell with anyone who stood in his way.
He was a good bloke but Val Schier is a better leader. The tragedy is Tom had 40 years to make his mark on local govt; Val may have less than four...

Anonymous said...

Back in the days when our kids played Junior Soccer no one liked it when Big Marg worked in the Junior Soccer Softdrink and Food Stall. Surely she knows why. We all do but no one wants to tell!!!

Terry Vance said...

Chuckie above, I have heard from my Aunts that Tom never liked to be disagreed with. It seems Cairns has a history of despotic Mayors, Val being the exception.