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03 June 2011


Ol' Cueball today organised the hillbilly callers to focus on the "cost-benefit analysis" that hasn't been done for the Entertainment Precinct, which apparently has been ordered for the port dredging analysis.

And dutifully, the hillbillies called in bemoaning the lack of cost-benefit analysis on this project, with one jerk saying "if it's such a good project, why don't the retiring MP's build it with their superannuation payouts". Obviously they don't have a clue what cost-benefit analysis is, and how it is applied to government infrastructure.

Hey morons! Are you aware that most city infrastructure projects don't have, and wouldn't be commercially viable with a "cost-benefit analysis"? Let's take the libraries. What kind of "business" rents out books at no cost, employing dozens of college-educated professionals in high-cost real estate locations? A cost-benefit analysis would close the libraries as "unprofitable".

So too the Esplanade Lagoon. You didn't hear the naysayers and knockers demanding a "cost-benefit analysis" of the Esplanade Lagoon. It costs us plenty, and the benefits are obvious.

In fact you stupid hillbillies, if "cost-benefit" is the criteria for public works projects, you'll see all your sports facilities closed, Barlow Park shut down, the Showgrounds closed and sold off, and so on. In fact you won't get upgrades to the Bruce Highway to save time for commuters, because frankly the "benefit" to your time isn't worth shit.

Even more ignorant is the demand for a "design by referendum" proposal. Councillors are elected to represent their constituents, and do what we demand. I frankly don't want a government that punts every hard decision to the same people who vote for the Fishers and Pauline Hanson party. The fact is a new and modern theater complex has been demanded by the ratepayers for years, a demand even election loser Kevin Byrne would have met. Kudos to the Mayor and Councillors who've voted for a world-class location for a high-quality project. Cairns deserves the best we can muster, not the usual crapola that passes for world-class for hillbillies who don't care anyway.



Anonymous said...

Surely he should be referred to as bowling ball head, not cue ball.
A cue ball has no bias, but rugnut has a heavy bias to the right.

athena said...

Round and round in circles, he goes. Rugnut has raised the cost issue several times before. No doubt next up he will bring back the "white elephant" factor, then go on to "we weren't consulted" the "dredging the harbour" factor. All designed to stall the project as long as possible.