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01 June 2011


In the space of just two weeks, Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch has succeeded in pissing off friends and foes alike, with the result that the Cairns community polled now views him as an ignorant buffoon, flip-flopping like a stunned dugong.

First he attempted to inject his spending ideas into the local Cairns Council, offering to spend their "pot of federal money" on a stadium and his silly "tunnel to nowhere" idea while attacking plans for the long-needed Entertainment Precinct. He spoke viciously about the Cairns Mayor Schier on the "Cueball" hour, for weeks. Then, suddenly, he sees a vision and sez "yes, the Entertainment Precinct should be built on the waterfront". Leaving his former fellow allies out to dry.

Then he's spruiking to get money for the new Chinese owners of the Sheraton Mirage, claiming that "Chinese culture likes tangible government commitments". Warren, mate, it's called a bribe - that's Chinese business culture, not ours. A few beheadings for political corruption in Australia might not be such a bad idea.

Then of course the Entschy-generated email sent as a thinly-veiled attack against Malcolm Turnbull, whom Entsch has privately described as "one o' them misguided intellectuals". Yup, what the LNP needs is more closeted homos - let's run that by the voters in Wentworth.

Yesterday, reports of Entch's disgust with LNP Candidate for Cairns, Paul Freebody were all the rage. Actually, this was the first sensible position Warren's taken all year - Freebody is an even bigger clown than Wazza and his preselection for the seat of Cairns will guarantee an LNP loss despite enormous anger against Labor in Cairns. Freebody's now painting himself, his failed waterpark, and failing carwash as a "victim" of the GFC, when in fact he's just a victim of his own greed and big mouth. And yet today Entsch rolls over like a Christmas goose, issuing a media statement backing down the same day he tells the Cairns Post he stood by his previous statements!

Don't forget his outsourcing of his website to Brisbane while attacking Council for not protecting local jobs. Or his employment of bankrupt Danae Jones as full-time media advisor, after she failed to pay employees and contractors around the town.

Whew! I'm exhausted just keeping track of it all!

Then there's the story that the Cairns Post won't cover - Entsch's financial relationship with failed company the CEC Group (CEG), where he was director and chairman during a critical time that the company stopped paying entitlements, superannuation, and other required company payments. ASIC is investigating Entsch as part of their criminal probe into the failure of CEC, where Entsch was still a "consultant" as the house of cards collapsed.

These are the acts of a deranged madman, only interested in what he can get for himself. The kind of politician that MUST GO, regardless of party or ideology.



Bob R. said...

Entsch can do what he wants. He won't be facing the electors to be judged on his record. Unlike Jim Turnour who actually got us the radiotherapy facilities which Professor Baume, in his damning report to the Howard Government in late 1996 admitted that "country people were dying NEEDLESSLY because of the lack of adequate radiotherapy facilities around Australia." Entsch knew about this report, but DID NOTHING in all the years he was Federal Member. And he sure as hell won't do anything for the Electorate now.

athena said...

Entsch pretty much represents the stump thumping, loud and pugnacious, rabble rousing demagogue politician favoured by many of the banana republics. Interesting to read Mencken's definition of a demagogue:-
"One who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots."
Everyone remember Entsch at the head of the BlueWater NIMBYS and their hysterical campaign against public housing there? Well go and have a look now at the completed building. It is almost inconspicuous so well does it blend in with the style of other buildings, and secondly it is fully tenanted with normal average looking people. Entsch himself grew up in a Queensland Housing Commission home, built for working people, in the town of Mareeba, a fact of which he kept from the people of BlueWater.

Terry Vance said...

Jim Turnour's short term in office is very impressive in terms of his achievements for the region. He was in fact, a very effective representative of Leichhardt, far better than Entsch and that previous ALP MP, Dodds. It was unfortunate Turnour could not stave off the criticisms following things like the home insulation debacle or national preoccupation with the "refugees".
It is my own impression of politics as well, but I find that a mild, unassuming man like Jim Turnour just cannot capture the voters imagination like a "stump thumping, loud and pugnacious, rabble rousing demagogue politician."
A very good point of course is that Entsch is not going to be answerable to the public, this being just one last term to top up his Parliamentary supperannuation.
He literally has been given a mandate to do what he wants. He has, I feel, the opportunities and the will to do considerable damage before he pisses off to a luxurious retirement somewhere.

nomooremike said...

Does anyone have a link to Entsch's little speech from the time he last retired, the one where he claimed he had been following the party line for 12 (?) years and that now he was leaving he was going to speak up for Cairns?

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