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17 July 2011


The Cairns Post internet story on David Marriner's demand for $36,000,000 in government handouts for his refurbishment of the Sheraton Mirage Resort has been "hidden" from front page view by the Post as negative comments overwhelm their system.  This despite this story being pushed as the front page of the printed (in Townsville) newspaper.

It would be ludicrous for the Cairns Regional Council to approve any kind of commercial "theater" project on this site as a competitor to the new Cairns Entertainment Precinct.  Can you imagine the additional traffic created on the already heavily used, 2 lane Cook Highway??  And it would be more ludicrous for government to give this failed developer Marriner any more taxpayer money to squander.  Propped up by "mystery money", Marriner has a penchant for leaving a trail of unpaid bills to councils and the tax department. 

Serious questions abound about the mystery "Chinese investors" in the project - these investors have so far used Marriner as a frontman to shield their purchase of this iconic resort from the FIRB approval process without any disclosure of their intentions, and the source of the money used to invest here.  Foreign investment corruption is rife in Mainland China, and the Mirage took years to shed its dodgy Skase history.  A Chinese scandal tied to Cairns and North Queensland will do irreparable damage to our just-beginning Chinese tourist relationship.

Premier Bligh has already indicated to Marriner on other Queensland projects that his plans are ill-conceived, short on detail, and commercially unviable.   In response, Marriner lashed back saying "his money would be safer in South America".  

Has Port Douglas suddenly become the investor equivalent of "don't ask, don't tell" South America for the Chinese?

Is Marriner unaware that MP Warren Entsch, who's clearly been signed on to spruik the project, is increasingly looking like tainted goods as his CEC Group relationship goes unexplained while the company he formerly chaired 
collapses into bankruptcy with "Trading While Insolvent" allegations as yet unanswered?


Tony the Tigger said...

With the UK and now American governments starting to expose the slime and filth that is Newscorp and the Murdoch family, at least the sleaziness of the Cairns Post is starting to have some context!

Anon. said...

I'm still tipping our hard won and fought for $40 million Federal funding for the Entertainment Precinct finds its way into the hands of Marriner and his Chinese investors. Once Newman is elected to State Parliament our $40 million funding from the State Government will be grabbed back probably within the first few days in office.
Mackenzie will crow and gloat for weeks.

Gavin Gobshite said...

when is the Rotten Rag going to stop running media releases from putrid stench and actually start asking him some questions.
For example about CEC and nhis role as a director and his failure to fulfil his duties to workers, shareholders and the tax office. And about double dipping by taking pay as an MP and taking pay as a director and contractor of CEC. Is he going to give that money back to workers who he's ripped off.
And about being a director while the company was inm breach of the companies act by trading while insolvent.
Last time I looked, that and other activities he has engaged in are crimes.

Is he paying the Rotten Rag?

Curly Joe said...

I agree Anon. Once Newman is elected, Val will be sacked and silly Margie Cochrane placed in as Mayor. The $80 million given to the people of Far North Queensland will then be history. No doubt a good portion will be swiped for Marriner. Certain amounts of "commissions" will no doubt find themselves in various pockets while Mackenzie and the hillbillies cheer on..

Neil said...

Never has $80 million given to the people of Cairns looked so vulnerable. Like so many others, I'm curious to see where it ends up. In the shape of a considerable public asset ihn Cairns which will contribute to the local tourist industry, or frittered away into the bottomless pit of Brisbane, renovating a private concern at Port Douglas, or in the personal bank accounts of some sleazy crooks. Mackenzie is to be congratulated for getting the yokels here in good ole Dog Patch City screaming out they "dont' want it" (the money). Amazing really, that rugnut has got the people so primed up, they don't have a bloody clue it could be easily swiped off them. Like taking lollies from a baby!

Buzz said...

The good ole compost has the hillbilly and bogan elements fully distracted with flying foxes and "the boat people" at the moment.

Anonymous said...

David Marriner.
Where would I start. It's comical really, to recall the disparaging analysis he made of Cairns back in 2013 - and Airlie Beach for that matter. Ironic that "man" also "bought" Ivana Trumps so-called development there.
If he spent two seconds talking about it, that would be longer than he has spent talking to me since August 2006, and he is still technically my business partner. It was quite a big business too, $10m+
If anyone worth their salt does even the most basic homework, they would surely be asking themselves or doing some basic ASIC searches to learn a bit more about this man. He is a Spanish Dancer, the most awful person who ever walked this earth. Ican't begin to tell how low he is