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15 July 2011


The last 10 minutes of today's program was spent by Cueball MacKenzie spruiking a proposed project by David Marriner in Port Douglas.  The project is said to require a massive government cash giveaway, and has been backed by unknown and unnamed Chinese investors.

We're going to need more info about the project and Marriner, although a cursory Google Search shows this guy to be at least as dodgy as Christopher Skase.  Anyone with relevant details is urged to contact this blog as we flesh out our report.


CBD Warrior said...

Why would John MacKenzie be so bitterly opposed to the Cairns Council building a facility in town, and so fall-down gushing in favour of throwing government money at a white elephant for a private developer? It makes no sense to me. Marriner said this facility would generate 1 million tourism visits to Port every year. All driving on the narrow, dangerous coast road? I don't think so. Marriner claims that Starwood (parent company of Sheraton) is "fully supportive". If they're not tipping in $36M, what exactly does "fully supportive" mean? And why the implied threat that if he doesn't get the dosh, he'll close the place up for remodeling instead of keeping it open. This stinks to high heaven, please blogger keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the project was already knocked back by Anna Bligh, and likely the ALP feds as well. So he's now bashing Hockey and Entsch. I want to know how much of this is Chinese owned. This info seems to be a big secret.

KitchenSlut said...

I have previously googled Marriner, without much of substance. On the cultural side he has been involved in redevelopment melbourne theatres apparently.

Most of the available info relates to Laguna Keys near the Whitsundays. It doesn't take anyone smart to realise that the relationaship from that with the Qld Guvmint is so poisonous that there is no prospect he can get anything up without change at both Federal and State.

Thus the politics. Thus Wazza! Who as far as I know still has not delivered anything on his eminently promised release by imminent business leaders on his sports tourism strategy?

Note: For those high brow elitist wankers on here not listening to Macca the ABC fortnightly language wanker this week finished up with a spray at the literacy of Wazza's latest newsletter! The eminent report by the imminent business leaders is still eminent apparently despite the sports strategy being a feature by Joe Hockey today!

Tony Hillier said...

Hasn't Wazza The Whip already come out batting for this dodgy deal? The ALP have done the right thing padding away a palpable googly!

Buzz said...

Marriner got the shits with the Queensland Government because they would not finance an international airport at Proserpine for his Laguna Keys resort. He blamed the Queensland Government for the failure of that resort. He owned the Mackay Regional Council over $2 million in unpaid rates at one time. This is the man that Entsch wanted to give the $40 million Entertainment Precinct money to.

curly joe said...

What's the betting Cairns gets dudded out of its hard fought for State and Federal allocation of $80 million for the Entertainment Precinct? I predict that a change of Government will see the monies quickly swiped back and it will firstly disappear into that black hole called "S.E. corner of Queensland". Entsch may get his wish and hand the Federal Government allocation to Marriner. I can hear the cheers of the rednecks and hillbillies as Cairns is left with a rapidly deteriorating community theatre, outdated convention facilities and no regional museum. Mackenzie no doubt will take a lot of pride in this, as he did in 1995/1996 when he led the opposition to the State Government's intention to build a brand new state of the art $1 billion regional hospital in Cairns. Frankly, I doubt we will see the Entertainment Precinct completed. I don't believe for one moment that Mackenzie and his mates will give up on trying to sabotage this project.

Bob R. said...

This Marriner character seems like another Chris Skase. I wouldn't touch him with a 40 foot pole. Mackenzie will probably be singing his praises for the next several months while bashing all the Governments for not giving him money and Val Schier for not just handing him over all the Entertainment Precnct monies.

Gavin Gobshite said...

Here's how it works:

Cueball Rugnut: OOOOOh. Loook. There's $10,000 in my pocket.

Putrid Stench: OOOOOh. Loook. There's $10,000 in my pocket.

David Marriner: OOOOOOh. What a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Gavin, that sort of stuff went out with the ark (although Cairns is such a backwoods place that maybe it still does happen here).

The deal these days is that the spiv gives the spivee the right to buy a flat/unit/penthouse at special prices in whatever crummy development the spiv has on his books.

The spivee then sells, secretly, the right to the property.

And things are then made right, secretly, much further down the track.

This is exactly the sort of deal that Warren Entsch, snake oil salesman and property shonk (I cite Fichera Road Mareeba) would engage in.

John Leonard said...

I worked at Laguna Quays on his construction project for the golf sub division and the proposed Karrie Webb golf course.
I was hired by his joint venture partner and worked on the administration side of the project.
i was warned by my father that Marriner was notorious for not paying his bills. I had lived overseas for a long time and wasn't aware of his history.
Anyway, i took the job and loved the area and local people.
However, David Marriner and his daughter are some of the most disgusting, dishonest and repulsive human beings i have ever had the misfortune of meeting.
they hate paying bills and only do so when a supplier, sub contractor etc take them to court.
The Marriner family make good people want to do bad things to them.
i would not trust them with 5 cents. they would take your last dollar and smile. he would steal from God, Nelson Mandela and dying Cancer and Aids patients.
he is a scumbag of the highest order . The people of Nth Qld should send him packing back to Melbourne or forever have regrets.
Even writing this letter brings back horrible memories that have my blood pressure rising.
Do not give the Marriner Group a chance to ruin your lives. They will look you in the eye and just lie

Anonymous said...

I worked at Laguna Whitsundays Resort with David Marriner and left about a year before the resort was closed. The above comment was right he is the worst human being I have ever meet and worked for.

We have never got any super and have to take him to get that. We Went 2 months without being paid, at the same time as he owed all the money to the council for unpaid fines. So instead of paying his staff, he waited until the land and property went up for auction and bought it back for less then what he owed on it.

Scumbag is not a strong enough work to describe this man.

Nothing will happen in Port Douglas and the Resort will go downhill until it closes and the staff are left jobless.