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05 July 2011


CR. DI FORSYTH - "NO CASE TO ANSWER" - Crime & Misconduct Commission

However Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch has yet to explain his role as Chairman and Director of failed developer CEC Group (CEG).  

Let's go Warren, answer up!  Why did CEC stop paying entitlements and other required payments WHILE YOU WERE CHAIRMAN??


KitchenSlut said...

Wazz has been very quite lately, not even a media release since April on his website .... must be keeping Danae flat out!

He did send a newsletter recently featuring the eminent release by the imminent business leaders of the sporting group plan, due for completion by June 30.

Anonymous said...

Warren's involvement with CEC Group is going to get messy. Remember when John Howard had to intervene in 1999 and force Warren to sell his acreage waterfront property at East Trinity due to conflict of interest. Warren was pushing for urbanisation of East Trinity whilst he would benefit by millions in increased land valuations. Simarly, Tony Abbott is going to be involved in this yucky mess with CEC. Wait for the fireworks.

charlie.spencer66@yahoo.com said...

I am surprised that we haven't heard from ASIC as during Wazza's term as Chairman of CEC thry fsiled tgo pay employees Superannuation and pay applicable Income Tax. Now this is a breach of Corporations Law and Wazza is in heaps of trouble. What I can't understand is why ASIC haven't acted. Surely someone has told them!!!

Charlie said...

I am surprised that we haven't heard from ASIC. They are the watch dogs.. Whilst Wazza was Chairman was Chairman of CEC this compoany failed to pay their employees Superannuation and failed to pay Company Income Tax and GST. This is a breach of Corporations Law. Where is ASIC? They would rush in and charge small business holders at the drop of the Hat. Wazza would br trying to use his influencde to avoid that..

Bob R. said...

What is Entsch doing supporting this developer at Port Douglas? The developer owes over two million in unpaid rates to the Mackay Regional Council, for a start, as well as bellowing and screaming at the State Government because they wouldn't build him and his resort an international airport at Proserpine.

Business Operator said...

This is the same developer that Entsch wanted to give the Cultural Precinct money to. It will be interesting to see what happens to the $80 million if there is a change of State Government. I am predicting Newman will grab the State's $40 million and Entsch will do everything in his power to grab the other $40 million for his mates. Rugnut and King will cheer the swindle to the rooftops.

Terry Vance said...

I recall reading that in The Cairns Post. I believe this blog also made mention of the fact that Warren Entsch wanted to GIVE the Entertainment Precinct money to this Port Douglas developer.

Gavin Gobshite said...

I am waiting for an apology from Putrid Stench and Gavin the Glove Puppet for their despicable attempt to besmirch the reputation of Cr Di Forsayth.

The announcement by the CMC shows the orchestrated attack on the councillor by Stench and Glove Puppet for exactly what it was - an utterly dishonest political stunt by the Liberal National Party.

NO CASE TO ANSWER for Cr Forsayth, and the cowardly Glove Puppet is too piss-weak to write the story despite the fact that he wrote every other piece of crap on the subject.

He made it a personal crusade to twist the truth and ignore the facts to please Stench, whose vaseline-covered fist animates his every movement.

As with all his other vicious, misogynistic attacks on other women, Gavin the Glove Puppet is big and brave when it comes to dishing it out, but when he's exposed for the fraudulent piece of ordure that he really is, he runs a mile.

As soon as he's exposed he scuttles back under the nearest crap-covered rock.

It''s looking like a pretty convenient excuse not to write what the whole town is talking about - the police investigation into the administration of Cairns soccer and under Margaret Cochrane.

This not so little scandal of Cr Cochrane's , is common knowledge AND AT LEAST TWO CAIRNS POST JOURNALISTS KNOW ABOUT IT.

But where's the story in the Cairns Post? The word is that Stench, Gavin the Glove Puppet and the Editor have conspired to bury it to make sure Cr Cochrane gets elected mayor.

But there's really no point criticising Glove Puppet alone. The whole lot of them are rottent to the core.

The real point is that Australia no longer has a Fourth Estate that can claim to be ethical, honest, accurate, accountable, transparent and and dedicated to the public interest.

What we have is a national media dominated by self-interest and self-promotion. It is even worse in places like Far North Queensland, where third-rate journalists find a home and a lack of competition creates a mind-numbing sameness in news and current affairs.

To use a scatological metaphor, if you insist on supping from a bucket of shit, there’s no point complaining about the individual turds floating round in it.